Yachting Jimmy Style. Composite Yacht In Cambridge Maryland.

530 hp supercharged Cadillac power. OH lordy lordy. it aint going 40. THTAS FOR SURE

530 hp supercharged Cadillac power. The Composite 26  – All custom designed and made. OH lordy lordy. it aint going 40. THAT’S FOR SURE.

This weekend along with visiting beautiful the cool antique place in Cambridge Maryland we also stopped by Composite Yacht to look at a plastic… composite.. boat as a go to boat for Jimmy. For the record, Jimmy owns 3 or 4 woody boats. So shut up on that.. And also has a killer 1970’s Mako that’s been in his possession for a very very long time. 3 engines ago as Jimmy says.. Anyway, back to Composite Yacht. We make the drive with some of the gang here in the neighborhood. Road trips can be very contagious. Jimmy, Shaun Durand, Mark Durand, Doug Scarbourogh and I were ready to go boating asap. Despite the 7 days of rain, and cloudy weather. Martin Hardy the owner of Composite said, “wanna throw her into the water?” HELL YA!

As we drove up you could see her from the highway. POW! What insane lines. I love it all.

As we drove up you could see her from the highway. POW! What insane lines. I love it all.

Ya thars some wood! Thats enough for me!

Ya thars some wood! Thats enough for me!

Now.. at this point I had a horrible dilemma. Do I go out for a killer last gasp run? OR.. take pictures for all you slobs reading this now.. UGH.. So I asked.. Got a chase boat? Hell YA..

Here she is ready to go! I wonder how that color came about? Actualy its called Chesapeake green. An old color no longer avaialable

Here she is ready to go! I wonder how that color came about? Actualy its called Chesapeake green. An old color no longer avaialable

With in seconds…ish we were out on the Choptank River. Now we were in a Jones Custom dead rise. But speed was not my goal. That way, Silkie could dance around us and have some fun. I could go on and on. but honestly, the pictures tell the story better.

Screw the rain! we're going composite boating.

Screw the rain! we’re going composite boating.


Gotta love that Carolina flair

Gotta love that Carolina flair

One quick turn and bam! hitting the wake has never been this fun.

One quick turn and bam! hitting the wake has never been this fun.

Thats Jimmy with the smile from ear to ear..

Thats Jimmy with the smile from ear to ear..

What an amazing day. cloudy skies, rain and a couple gallons of gas. And BAMALAMA ya got a perfect run. The cool thing is that I swear the guys at Composite had more fun than we did. Its a true Father sons deal. Custom boats, custom fun, and custom quality.

Wooooosh... On our way home..

Wooooosh… On our way home..



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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    That is one great looking Tupperware, complete with lot’s of power and even a bow thruster!

  2. Troy
    Troy says:

    Great looking boat!

    I will never understand the popularity of the center console boat.

    I own one because it is a great little work boat and it was given to me.

    I am sure the further south you get the more sense they make, but up here in the northeast out in the Atlantic it gets cold even on a hot day.

    I actually have a neighbor with a Chris Craft center console.
    (I will try to find a picture later.)

  3. Troy
    Troy says:

    Now look what I found floating free in the river yesterday!

    Very appropriate timing.

    Can you say “Salvage Rights”?

  4. Rick
    Rick says:

    The lines remind me of a mini Rybo. I agree with Terry about that Carolina influence, LOVE IT. Big water boat. Best of luck with her.

  5. Mike W
    Mike W says:

    If you reduced the bow flare and changed the top you would have a 1940 Red and White. The lines are very close. Alex, get the sawsall out and a spray gun. You can have one old and one new.

    Awesome boat and proof that they aren’t all Clorox bottles. Great looking and quality new boats are out there. Check out the boats from Hunt. The 29 Harrier is a clone of the spectacular 1976-78 CC 30′ Sportsman. True quality and design are always in demand and appreciated.


  6. Grant Stanfield
    Grant Stanfield says:


    These Carolina-style boats with a broken sheer and exaggerated bow flare are really amazing to look at (and fish from I’m sure). Rybovich did pioneer that beautiful broken-sheer look with their hull #8 ‘Miss Chevy IV’ back in 1952. Michael Rybovich is currently building a huge, open bridge day-boat for Alan Jackson; she’s a looker!

    It’s refreshing to see that colorful hulls are cool again…there are more choices in hull color than white, off-white, and flag blue- be creative!

  7. Kevin Fitz
    Kevin Fitz says:

    Their marketing guy launches the boat right next to where I keep my Sportsman, so we chat from time to time. He does a great job of marketing, he drives it around, ties it in downtown Annapolis for the weekend, and everyone just drools over it. It is even better in person. Very pricey .

    I would love a larger version as a cruiser; fantastic!

  8. matt
    matt says:

    I may be off on the hourse power, I think its more like 580 hp.. The shots are crazy. I shot over 600 shots. Almost 550 were out of focus. Long lense, idiot shooter…me.. and two moving targets, me and Silkie. That shot of her airborn is INSANE and untouched. That is framed as it came out, the shots up to it are ALL out of focus. And the same afterwords. Its like the camera and boat made a deal. I am still learning the tricks of the camera. I aint no Texx thats for sure. Man I wish he had been there.

  9. Phillip JONES
    Phillip JONES says:

    Matt, now you’r in my neighborhood:) These boats are old school. Ran these bats out of Hattears Inlet for 20 yrs. No boat beats there ride, almost flat at the transom, sharp deadrise, heavy flair to knock down the sea, the classic broken shear, and the tumble home. AHHH I can smell the sea, and the fish in my head now as we slide down the back side of the inlet pitch black following the buoy lights out to the port turn of the inlet, and as we head out into open water at the sea bouy, the orange glow of the morning peeks over the horizon, telling you, hey come on out, surprises await.

    That did it Matt, selling everything wood I own and buying that 28′ Albermarle twin screw diesel, straight inboard, full fold down tower.

    I’m outa hear.

    OPPSSSS lost it there for a minute, the Boy’s need me.

    Oh well I’ll be there tonight in my dreams. FISH ON!!!!!!!!!!!

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