Lorelei Mystery Girl On eBay – Sorry Troy, It’s Actually A Boat!

part trailer, part boat!

When you think you have seen it all, of course, the eBay gods plop this boat on you. Thanks to Loooongtime WoodyBoater Don Ploetner for sending us this cool boat. Now, what really makes this cool, other than its quite possibly the only survivor, is the trailer set up.

The boat holds secret…wheels

There is no trailer. The wheels are set in the boat! Insane, yes. Should this be in a museum, YES! Its a time capsule for sure, and has all the goodies with it. Buy it and you would be a rolling museum.

Love it

What would you do with it? Clayton? Buy it donate it? Show it around, and have it in your private museum. This is a Bill Anderson type boat, but it is metal? Here is a Youtube video on it.



We found this boat in an East Aurora garage Sept 22 2017.

It had sat there unused since 1961.

Stored unused for 56 years

It took two months of research to find the info we now have.

Combined Cabin Cruiser Trailer and Light Freight Trailer

Patent # 2,518,602. Applied for 1947 and granted 1959.

A Unique cabin cruiser boat designed circa 1946 in East Aurora, New York by inventor James Louis Crook.

This is a combined cabin cruiser, trailer and light freight trailer vessel patented by the United States Patent Office on 15 August 1950.

This boat vessel was the brainchild of James Louis Crook, of East Aurora, New York. As World War II came to a close, America’s steel industry had experienced an unprecedented demand to produce steel for the war, and Mr. Crook, realizing their efforts, sought to find new products that might take advantage of the use of steel materials as the war came to a close (WWII officially came to a close in August, 1945) . Thus, he invented a boat of modest size that could be transported by average Americans from place to place.

James Louis Crook

The only known photo of the original prototype for this boat is shown. It includes James Louis Crook, and one of his two financiers, George R. Sedita, posing with the prototype boat July 3, 1946 edition of the Buffalo Evening News.

Below is a compilation of specifications for the prototype steel hulled cabin cruiser invented by Mr. Crook that is in my possession (please note that it is my understanding that the version under my ownership is one that was manufactured after the original prototype shown in the picture on line.

Wilcox wheel


Boat registration # 9J779

Trailer license plate on rear of boat is New York Trailer # 94 – 417 year 1960 – 61

We could not find any manufacturer’s name on it.

Length is 16′ 8”

Hull materials: galvanized steel hull riveted over steel skeleton of formed ribs.

Roof is made of 2” oak strips spaced over steel ribs with a burlap type padding cover with a rubberized landau type top.

It has small (6’W x8’Lx 4’H) cabin that is accessed through as folding door. Inside is a steel Frame bed with original mattress.

It takes a 1 7/8 ball which is located on the front for you to hook your hitch up.

The boat is on a permanent trailer/frame.

The pair of wheels are retractable.

Lots of goodies

When the boat is in the water you release a clasp, pull up on a cable and the wheel rise up inside a compartment inside the cabin. When fully up there is a clasp you turn to hold them in place.

There are two door/flaps on the sides of the wheels that are spring loaded and cover the bottom of the boat for cruising.

At the stern is a two door compartment to place the outboard motor in.

The transom for the outboard motor is recessed two feet into the hull creating a tunnel.

The motor that came with the boat is a 1953 “Evinrude” 25HP Big Twin .

I have replaced the coils, points.condensers,plugs and impeller. set everything to specs and cleaned the carb wire. there is a carb rebuild kit included.

That said it does not want to run. it started briefly and backfires, but goes not run. a ground fault or other simple gremlin.

Included is a large canvass cover for the boat.

Also included with the boat is a 48″l x 24″w x 34″h wood supply box.


Inside there is a brand new “American LaFrance” Fire extinguisher. Rope, flares. 2 0 metal 5 gallon gas cans. 9 cans new/full “Texaco Outboard Motor Oil.” Extra props – new. Spare tire (new). “Kooklite” two in one cooking lantern.

Life jacket Box address is Jafco Marine basin, inc 2192 Niagara Street buffalo ny

A new old stock box of Orange Adult Size, “Life Saving” Vests. Dated and Approved By U.S. Coast Guard, N.Y., N.Y. October 26, 1952

Made of eight pieces of flotation cork wrapped in a bright orange can vas vest with six canvas ties.

Typical of Life Vests found aboard Ocean Liner — Made by “Atlantic Pacific Manufacturing Company, Brooklyn, New York.”

Vest contains four pieces of cork measuring 11″tall x 5″wide x 2″thick and four pieces of cork measuring 6 1 /2″tall x 5″wide x 2″thick.

Cork approval # A78.

Vest overall measures when opened, 44″long x 11″tall x 2″deep.

Weight 6 pounds.

Clues to the age of the boat are:

– 1953 outboard motor.

– Orange life vests dated October 26, 1952

– Texaco outboard motor oil cans dated 1957

– Kooklite stove lantern is from 1953 or so.

Researching the life of this boat’s inventor James Louis Crook, has proved to be quite challenging.

internet search for 1953 mystery girl metal cabin will show you videos of this boat.

questions for me to: Scot Marechaux 5100 Amity Lake Road Belmont NY
1 7/8″ BALL HITCH.

With the hitch attached to the boat, is this a Man Boat?


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  1. Johnny V.
    Johnny V. says:

    It was just at our show in Hammondsport and certainly got a “what the hell” reaction from me. Should be in a museum just as it is.

  2. Fat Earl Jr.
    Fat Earl Jr. says:

    Like Johnny V says, This was at the wine country boat show this past weekend. I myself thought it was beautiful. Had a chance to talk to the owner who bought it for $800.00. Looking to get $10,000 for it and all the goodies that go with it. Cool boat, better profit.

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    This boat is old news for those who came to Keuka last week. Speaking of which, did Mayer send in the photos yet? The best show east of Port Huron on the best boating lake in North America deserves a story or two.

  4. MikeM
    MikeM says:

    I was at this show and when the owner was backing in to pull the boat out he said to his wife “let me know when the ball is in the water”. And I thought, what the heck is this guy doing, so I watched in amazement as he hooked the front of the boat to his rig and pulled it out of the water. Crazy.

    The boat reminds me of a small version of the Steelcraft I desire.

  5. bill anderson
    bill anderson says:

    YA it is weird enough..i was told about it when it was at the show.I have some that need done that i wont get to,this would be nice for some one but i pass on metal,I ,pass,,BILL

  6. Jerry Balke
    Jerry Balke says:

    Hard to believe this had 53 bids yesterday with the reserve met at $5250. Today it is at $3100 with 29 bids and reserve not met. SOMETHING FISHY GOING ON!!!

  7. Trey
    Trey says:

    Talked to the seller.very ignorant when I tried to come and see it after I made a $5000. Bid.I wanted to see it in person and go over it completely and was more than willing to pay more.his lose.dumb old hippie..

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