Love And Your Lapstrake – Celebrating Lapstrakes With A Boom & Ending With A Pop Quiz


Day four of the “Feel The Lapstrake Love Week” is a simple pictorial celebration of Lapstrake boats. Or as known by some as there “Love Boats”  And today the celebration starts by honoring Mr. Chris Smith, the Grandson of Christopher Columbus Smith and Chris’s awesome 1961 27′ Chris-Craft Sea Skiff “Odyssea.”

And as we all know, the best way to celebrate anything this big is with some fireworks, courtesy of Robert Miracle. Miracle Photography is getting lots of coverage this week because Robert has opened up his vault of photographs for us and we keep finding cool shots of boats (and fireworks) to use for our stories. OK boys – Light the fuse!

Miracle Fireworks - Boom Goes The Dynamite!

Chris Smith’s contribution to the Antique & Classic boating hobby is immense, and he continues to participate in boat shows around the country, public speaking engagements and book signings. Chris is always willing to share a great story of his days living and working at the Chris-Craft Corporation. Chris literally grew up in Chris Craft’s wooden boat factory on the water in Algonac, Michigan.

Here’s a nice shot of Chris Smith cruising across Lake Keowee last year aboard his beautiful green 27′ Sea Skiff…

And spending some quiet time rowing on Lake Keowee.

Miracle Fireworks - BOOM!!

Here’s “Scene Changes” a 1960 23′ Chris-Craft Sea Skiff owned by Donald & Charlotte Baker, from Alabaster, Alabama… Charlotte 2010.

A tasty Thompson outboard on Lake Chatuge in 2009.

“Paramount” on Lake Chatuge, 2010. I’m not sure if looking at these summer shots helps or hurts the February Cabin Fever…

Miracle Fireworks - BOOM!!

OK – Now that your awake, and now that we have all the lapstrake folks undivided attention… It’s time for the “Challenging Lapstrake Pop Quiz”
Who out there in Lapstrake Land can tell us what company manufactured this boat, and what year it is. The first shot is when the third owner originally found it…

And the next few shots are what it looked like as it was being restored.

Usually the transom gives it away – right?

Send us your answer by commenting below, or if your shy you can send us your answer at or

The winners will be awarded with a rare Collectors Edition pack of Woody Boater Wieners… You can save them until the July 4th weekend when your watching the fireworks at the lake… by the camp fire… with a beverage…

The answer to the Mystery Lapstrake Pop Quiz will be revealed on Friday, right here on Woody Boater and on CNN (if they pick up the feed)… So stay tuned.


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  1. anonymus
    anonymus says:

    Not sure but it looks like a pre 1961 Lyman 19 foot inboard. Those seat supports and trim around bulkhead opening look alot like my 1957 18 foot outboard. Plumb stem, toumblehome transome, and windshield look goog too but the ribs look not quite right. There were companies that followed Lyman in design so maybe it is an Irwin built to compete with Lyman. Either way I am going to enjoy the finished shots I believe you are holding back. Loving those Lapstrakes.

  2. Peter S
    Peter S says:

    It’s a 1958 Lyman inboard runabout. Looks like a 19 footer. could be off on the year but certainly looks like a lyman

  3. Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy
    Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy says:

    Texx: I have a 63 19′ Carver Lapstrake I/O. I bought this in december from the original owners family. Hasnt been restored. Lived in a boat house for its first 45 years in Wisconsin.I can send photos if you like.

  4. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    In fact if you put Pat Curtain in the shot standing to the port side of the transome and overlay USMail Boat you’re pretty much there. Could this be the long lost 5th Raven?

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