Pacific Northwest ACBS Celebrates Family Fun Day On Mason Lake – Part 2



Fellow Woody Boaters Dick Dow & Craig Magnusson in “SINDBAD” – Dick’s rare 1938 Batchelor Runabout. – Brian Flaherty photo

Today we have Part 2 of Ron Stevenson’s report from last weekend’s Pacific Northwest ACBS Chapter Family Fun Day at / on Mason Lake, Washington. When I see today’s cover photo (above) of longtime Pacific Northwest Chapter members Dick Dow & Craig Magnusson cruising along in “SINDBAD”, I stop and think to myself – “If those two guys could somehow bring back every classic boat they have owned over the years, between the two of them, they could put together a very impressive, very diverse classic boat show.”

Of course we can’t do that – but I guarantee that they can still describe every detail, every engine, and every piece of hardware on each one of those old boats. Those two individuals collectively have a ton of knowledge and experience, and are always willing to share that knowledge with their fellow hobbyists. Dick & Craig continue to be outstanding ambassadors for the antique & classic boating hobby. Here’s Part 2 of Ron’s report from Mason Lake. (Click Here to see Part 1) – Texx

A Family Fun Day on Mason Lake, Washington
by Ron Stevenson

This wouldn’t be a proper Family FUN Day without a poker run, right? Brian Franchini put together the Poker Run, must have a passenger who wants to catch a fish in his 1966 17′ Tollycraft Sportabout.


Brian Franchini and the entire Franchini family are long time supporters here at Woody Boater, and also proud members of the Pacific Northwest ACBS. We like Brian’s choice of tee shirt for the event… (Whoot Whoot!)

Here is famous “Rudder” article author Bob Wheeler and his wife Jytte (Judy) enjoying the Family Fun Day at Mason Lake.


Bob & Judy Wheeler in “At Last” – Brian Flaherty photo

The Poker Run on Mason Lake was great fun and gave everyone a perfect excuse to get out on the water and use their classic boats in the 80 degree weather.

The big winner of the Poker Run, Jodie and Don Palmer in their 1957 Chris-Craft Continental, she won $75 bucks! (Whoot!) She was mumbling something about “shoes” as she walked off with her prize money.


Brian Flaherty photo.

Susan & Robert DaPron came in second, she mumbled something about $50 “not enough for shoes” – Robert is our short-timer Chapter President, now towards the end of his two-year term as President. Here they are in “Redhead II” their beautiful 1928 24′ Chris-Craft Model 3 triple cockpit runabout.

Rob Susan

Robert DaPron is also a local wooden boat restoration guru in the Seattle area, note the reflection of the water in the varnish. “Redhead II” was originally delivered from the Chris-Craft factory in 1928 with that name on the transom. – Brian Flaherty photo.

Third Place was that “Rowdy” Couple Ike Kielgass and Brenda Christie, she scored $25! I think this was the second or third splashing of Ike’s scratch built gentleman’s race boat project, which is powered by a Flathead Ford V-8. (We are working on a story about “Rowdy” the most recent boat to emerge from Ike’s boat shop near Seattle)


“Rowdy” resting at the dock – Brian Flaherty photo

My turn for a photo!


Rowdy 1

“Rowdy” during an earlier test run.

I was fortunate enough to get a ride in Greg Suldan’s 1928 28′ Triple which he found converted into a fishing boat, and restored as the triple. It is very impressive, and is powered by a Ford 534 cubic inch V8. I am a bit of a motor head, and have heard / never seen this big truck motor before.


“Lazy S” engine compartment with her big Ford V-8.

A nice transom shot of this scoundrel:

lazy S
And look close at the dash with the radio, the ignition switch and steering column were taken from a Lincoln, the vintage volt meter under dash, all very cool!

Speaking of cars, there was a Lincoln there amongst a variety of nicely done cars, and this V-12 Cadillac:

v12 cad
Rows and rows of classic cars…


car row
A red Row of cars, old MG’s…. wait… what is that?


A SINGER? sewing machines, yeah, but cars? Two of them there, and 1950 and 1951 model

And since Woody Boater is about wood, I couldn’t pass up Woody Chairs, and Woody Table:

Wait, we have more fiberglassics! Even from Idaho! I know it’s glass, I know it’s a Century… But it’s cool and has a rare sliding top… and it’s at Mason Lake!


1967 Century Resorter owned by Brian Gennell from Idaho – Brian Flaherty photo.

Another shot by Brian Flaherty of a beautiful 1967 Century 19′ Arabian (originally from California) owned by Century collector / expert John Tyler who resides in Portland, Oregon.

By the way, this is how you know how a Century is an Arabian:

See? No horsey on this very nice 1954 Century Sea Maid, owned by Brian Fair from the Inland Empire Chapter.

I will leave you with a couple final shots of folks just having fun! Again many thanks to Rick & Jan Means, Jim Giesy and all the great volunteers who jumped in, like Karl and Craig at the boat ramp.


Pat Murphy’s Century – Note the unique engine box… WAIT! What is that white thing in the background? I am NOT going there!

Al McEwan & Sandi had a minor problem, something about his 1955 24′ Greavette Streamliner not charging, although he was happy is wasn’t leaking water or oil! All part of the fun in this great hobby…

Al greavete
And I don’t want to know how this 194? 19′ Higgins owned by Gil Stork got its name….

An end to our Family Fun Day on Mason Lake with a wave from Chapter members Warren & Tracey Olson with cousin Doug in his remarkable, first, on-his-own, prize winning, home restoration; in their 1955 Chris-Craft 19′ Capri. Warren just lost his 91 year old Dad, so for them it was a bit of celebration of life, of fun, of family…..

Olsons Capri

Warren & Tracey Olson with cousin Doug wave goodbye from their 1955 Chris-Craft 19′ Capri. – Brian Flaherty photo.

Enjoy YOUR Woody Boater family, thanks Matt and Texx!

Best Regards, Ron Stevenson

Special thanks to fellow Woody Boater Ron Stevenson for taking the time to share this great report from Mason Lake with us, we appreciate it.


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  1. Texx
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    Minor hiccup on today’s header caption, the photographer in the Shepherd is our friend Janet Cathcart (not anet as noted).

    Sorry Janet – Texx

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Part 2 was well worth the wait!

    Lets face it, any group that has a Woody named WHANGDOODLE is bound to be a fun group of people.

    Thanks for the story!

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    There are some things kids just should see. Someone tell Gil Stork to keep his WHANGDOODLE under wraps on family fun days and save it for the adult events.

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    Thanks, Thanks, and Thanks!!! To Ron for two days of fun on the water and great photos. To Texx for capturing the story/photos and posting them. To Matt, Mr Woody Boater, for providing this great website to deliver great daily posts like these to the rest of us.

    m-fine, the name WHANGDOODLE could be interpreted as a Thingomajig or a Doomafligit, but its a stretch to think of it as an adult only Whatchamacallit.

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    That white thing in the background of the picture of Pat’s Century was handled quickly by the dock enforcers*…

  6. Brian Flaherty
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    Here is the shot of “Jezebel” (Al and Sandi McEwan’s 1955 Greavette Streamliner) that eluded to in the comments of part 1.

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