Mecum Monterey This Weekend, Will Your Phantasy Boat Be There II?

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If you are waiting for the big Mecum Geneva Lake Auction you may want to rethink things a bit.. This weekends Monterey Auction has some killer boats in it.. OK , so you are not going to watch 100 boats go, and chances are there is no pre parties like the Warner auction.. But the boats that are in this auction are note worthy boats.. Big winner boats..On of the top boat that may appear to be a sleeper here is Phantasy II.. up in this video.

At a glance she is a cool boat, but dig deeper, look closer and you will find that she is one of a handful of top big award winning boats in the country, as is Faster, Faster a very, very rare 1933 Dodge Utility,

and we can not forget Truent II a 1939 Gar Wood.. Now, I just saw this boat in Tahoe.. It’s..well… INSANE!

This boat has won everything it comes close to, been featured in magazines, web sites and in peoples dreams.. Looking for the top Gar Wood in the world for your collection.. This is the one… or II.. Just the Massive Scripps motor is a dream boat..

So if you are out in Monterey sipping on some old grape juice this weekend.. Head on over, if not, tune in and watch the fun live on TV here. or you can just keep clicking your brains out on ole Woody Boater to find out.. We have someone on the scene.. But watching it live is very cool.. Me and Sophia will be watching the #4 Riva sell on the sofa!

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