Meet No Relation. Oh, It Gets More Confusing.

Durrens ready to go.

Believe it or not, today’s headline makes perfect sense to some. And since you have read this far, I will try and explain. For some reason I am on a text message chain. One simple text message can turn into 50 texts and so it all becomes a blur. Thanks Troy for that. No one has the nerve to say count me out. Texx did! And that has now become a saying. ” Reg Out” Which means leave me alone. HA!

WOW! Summer day! Chads boats

So what in the hell is No Relation? Okay on the text chain from hell has Alex Watson, and Mike Watson on that chain. And well, one might conclude that Alex and Mike are related, and not to confuse Mike Watson with Mike Mayor, Mike Watson became NR, which now means No Relation. Oh, you think Woody Boater is a mess with names and spelling, this text chain is a train wreck of uncensored rants, and occasionally JOY. But why are Chads photos being used?

And this is NR’s boat. See? Mike Watson, Alex Watson, Chads SS, Mikes SS, and Alex Watson has an SS. Mike Mayer has the same first name.. AHHHHHHHHHHH

That part is confusing to me, cause NR launched his boat after 9 years but these were photos attached. To add to the confusion, no names are on my text, just numbers. So you have no idea who they come from. Confused? Me too.

LILY is Chad Durren’s amazing show winning 18 Sportsman. These 18 Sportsman are the best of the best boats Chris Craft ever made.

Okay, now to add to the confusion, cause I have no photos of NR’s boat being launched after 9 years being restored. I am using Chads boat. This was of course cleared up this morning once the story was published. So Today is a train wreck of all train wrecks and thats what I get for scanning 30 text messages in 5 minutes. But have you really read this far now or just lusted after Chads boat? Mmmmmm Crank it up


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So, see, No Relation ( Mike Watson) has spent 9 years restoring a wonderful Chris Craft Super Sport, which we have no photos of, but is kinda like Chads? See.. makes sense.  and this weekend, the SS was launched. And today we celebrate 9 years, and what ever DNA is in NR to be able to last 9 years on any project. WOW! Congrats NR. I need a drink. And I dont drink, maybe a ride in the drink. Ya! Get out there.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Glad to see Chad adding that beautiful SS to his fleet. He is a great guy and we want him to come back and hang out with the Michigan gang at one of our events.

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    The plug machine! Go Greg go. You should be in the Michigan Chapter hall of fame! Can you explain todays article to me, cause my head is still spinning. HAHAHAHA! I so need to head back up to Michigan where somehow this all makes sense.

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    So we have a story titled “Meet No Relation” that contains no photos of No Relation or any of No Relation’s boats? After reading this story I don’t feel like I have actually met No Relation, even though I have actually me No Relation. Now I am confused.

  4. Matt
    Matt says:

    BTW, anyone that has kept reading this, todays marks an all time low of confusing stories. Read it like you listen to jazz. lets just say, I am sorry ahead of time. This is my photo for my ad agency. Kinda explains it all.

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      Actually Matt I think the real problem (believe it or not) is that you are in fact TOO SANE and don’t drink.

      See to understand these text chains you need to be ADD because one person will answer a question or comment on a text that was 5 texts ago. If you have been drinking or can’t concentrate for more than 10 seconds it all makes sense.

      Congratulations to NR and Chad for their fabulous restorations!

  5. Chad
    Chad says:

    I blame Troy. He loaded the gun and you pulled the trigger.

    I also blame Paul. Just because.

  6. Flash
    Flash says:

    I swear the 327Q is one of the best sounding engines Chris Craft ever made. The low end torque makes it sound so good. Congratulations to Chad on the completion of this beauty!

  7. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    I read it all, played the viseo…and am still confused….think, I’ll just go back to bed.

  8. Randy
    Randy says:

    … seems like today’s ‘topic’ has broken down alongside the road in some remote part of the country. Anyone available to send help, maybe tow it in for repairs??????

  9. Chad
    Chad says:

    Let me clear up some of the confusion. Mike “NR” Watson and myself met while restoring our 1969 Commander Super Sports. He lives a short distance from me in SW Michigan. He acquired his in 2010 and I acquired mine in 2012. We both completed and launched within days of one another. We shared a few pics with the “WB Board” via text, all without descriptions. The combined research and restoration efforts yielded two, almost identical boats.

  10. Briant
    Briant says:

    That’s not a monkey…that’s a chimpanzee. We do not need any more confusion this morning.

  11. Matt
    Matt says:

    Dang, when you know Zip gets into the day, all hell has broken loose. This stupid story has made me laugh all day and still doesnt make any sense.

  12. Randy
    Randy says:

    No matter what goes on around here, here is proof that at the end of every rainbow is a wooden boat!!!

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