Miss-ter-yyyy Date Spontaneous Road Trip.

Ph! thats not good!

Oh hell to the YA! I am about to set out with some other fully vaccinated pals to go on a spontaneous mystery Date Road Trip! But what for? Could it be I am the secret winner of the ebay Hydro? Did I find a Cobra in the woods? Maybe its an old Marine White gas pump?

Yard find years ago.. Ya thats some poison ivy

The possibilities are endless, and so is my need to milk even the most mundane story to two stories. I feel, so..so.. well.. dirty! Cheap, tricky, and yet satisfied that somehow I have made one of you want to click back tomorrow to find out… What was behind the MYSTERY DATE ROAD TRIP!

Ugh, so sorry. I am so ashamed. You can click away now. Go to ebay, there is a crazy priced boat there to comment on. And no..  Not driving to FLA

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    I think you must be on your way to take possession of “Small Fortune”. With the beautiful bright work, authentic original interior and Scripps disguised as a CC B, it is quite a find. The owner looks like a really nice guy!

  2. John
    John says:

    Pick it up, hit the gas station and drop it in a very shallow lake. Be great for taking still pictures with the family. Mickey Donovan doesn’t just sell boats, he sells dreams!

    Matt, are you armed with your flame arrestor mask?

  3. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    The guy is a dreamer. He must have missplaced a decimal point. But she says I’m buckled in and ready for a road trip.

  4. Old Salt
    Old Salt says:

    If the Woodyboater app worked we could be tracking you. Maybe the App not working was part of your well thought out plan to keep us on the edge of our seats today. Safe travels and enjoy the journey!

  5. Racist nazi
    Racist nazi says:

    Remember even though you all have your vaccinations to please wear a mask as hombre faucci recommended. Also the mask wearing fools would like you to choose a little greener vehicle for your excursions the turbo diesel is out of their parameters.

  6. Slats
    Slats says:

    Have you finally found Uncle Roman’s rental boat “Suck My Wake”? Or Judge Smails’ sailboat “The Flying WASP?” With the importance of saving cruisers, the holy grail of them is clearly Al Czervik’s party barge “Seafood.” Or are you thinking bigger than Sweet Pea? Are you actually going to lay eyes on Captain Stubing’s ship? We’ll wait with bated breath…and mints for those of us with halitosis.

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