“mmmmm, Sorry Sir, I Don’t Think We Have A Dumpster For That”

Thats the quote from the guy that runs the dump in our area. And maybe his way of thinking is right. But then again, none of us here think right anyway. But man oh man it cracked me up. Wayne Bomb and I were able to extract the lil Racer from beside the barn this week, and she is now home. And boy does she have a story to tell. Like wow, and she has the scars to prove it. But thats for another day. YA! You really think I am going to just use it all up in one story. Hey, some of us like a little milk with our coffee.

Her lil trailer is great, she had sat in the barn since the 80’s until two years ago.

We took her to the dump to throw away the tarps that had shredded. NOT the boat! HA

And to her new home.

Wayne Bomb and the lil aluma-racer –  Stay tuned. She has a major story to tell.

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  1. Randy
    Randy says:

    Seems like the older you get the ‘projects’ get smaller — something you can expect to finish in the time you have left.

  2. Steve
    Steve says:

    Love classic aluminum. Taking a little break from wood and picked this up in the fall for my son – ok me too! 1961 16ft princecraft.


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