Monterey Antique & Classic Boat Auction.

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Truant II, Dang!!

As I drive up to my fun day on Lake Mohawk with my Grey Poupon in hand.. It’s that time…Here we go ladies and gents. Mecum Auctions has some very fine and well known boats going on the block at the Monterey Auction on August 18-20th. Mixed in with Some Maserati’s, a Bugatti, Corvette’s.. Porsche’s.. Henny Kilowatt Electric Car! What?

I get a charge out of this car... I am shocked how it propells itself.. Here a plug for henny Cars... It wouldnt Kilowat you to drive one... OK, thats all done now.. Sorry.. It does spark the imagination doesnt it.. sorry.. I had just one more in me

Anyway mixed in with some very cool cars are a fine small collection of Classic Water craft.. Very well known Truant II a glorious 1939 Gar Wood 28′ Custom Runabout. Or one of the rarest of rarest .. A beautiful restored 1933 Dodge 301 16′ utility.. Faster, Faster!.. Look it up in your old classic boating mags..

I love this boat and its propper use of puntuation..

Also a very nice 1933 Chris – Craft Model 301 18′ Split Cockpit…

The happy couple do not convay.. There smiles do though!

a 1938 Chris -Craft 19′ Custom Special Race boat..

Its more than a boat.. its a Phantasy.. wait its more than a Phantasy, its a Phantasy II My mom always told me I would go blind if i had to many Phantasays.. 2 is just right

and a 1966 AMC Ambassador…car..

What, a Sportabout was not cool enough.. Actually this is a cool car in a cool color.. But does it float..

plus a 100 truck loads of more fun cool muscle Monterey Cars! Click here and start dreaming.. It will be on the tube as well, so you now know what you will be doing on August 18-20th..