More Higgin’s #99 Photos

Higgins #99

If you have been following the #99 Higgins unfold here over the past couple weeks, Brett Fecho is on the case and digging like a fiend through old family albums. The good news is Brett is actually finding stuff. And we are trying our best to clean them up so you can get some sort of idea what we are dealing with.

How the photos are coming in

After we restore them

Outstanding in her field

Its painful, cause you want to just hop into the car and go look for the stuff that you know will expose its history. But Brett is doing a great job and the best part is he is willing to share as it unfolds. Good or bad. And that is as good as being there.

Here is her dash as requested

Bilge detail

Another thing we are finding is that there is very little info on Higgins Speed Boats. Sounds like Katrina may have finished off some history. So maybe we can patch together some more info. A huge thanks to the team at the Higgins Classic Boat Assosiation site.

Outside before restoration


Under way

New bottom and hard work back in the day

Her wheel


Newer dash photo

Same gauges on my 1937 Chris Craft

This is a perfect case why its so critical to have an archive and focused club that protects and harvests such information. Like the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club. It must stay true to its vision and focus. It keeps the brand from the past alive,


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    Great post, my only hope is some day we can understand the front parts of the serial tag and what those numbers really mean. The back half we know, we will keep digging for answers, thank you for the up dated items again. Jeff Davey HCBA.

  2. Steve Anderson in MI
    Steve Anderson in MI says:

    Seeing the bungee across the dash hooked into the varnish on both ends is killing me…
    Beautiful boat! I went back and read the previous posts and links and that is pretty rare and unique. I look forward to seeing pictures on the water. I saw where one of them has a Kaiser/Fraser engine. Those parts should be readily available. My dad still has a ’53 Kaiser and keeps it running well.

  3. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Matt, you remember Delbert with the shiny alum. boat…from Reedville show? HE has one of the Higgins runabouts just like the one in the pics. lives in Hopewell, For sale, reasonable….

    John in Va.

  4. Brett Fecho
    Brett Fecho says:

    Does anyone know where we could get a radio for the boat only thing that is missing Matt you have the same dash so a similar radio to yours would work if they are still something a person can buy

  5. Matt
    Matt says:

    I wouldnt install a radio unless it had one. If this is the oldest Higgins out there, it needs to be made 100% original to how it was delivered back in the day to preserve it for others. Thats its value. Change anything, and it devalues it. Unless it had a radio. OR if you want tunes. Be clever with a blue tooth speaker someplace hidden and use your phone?

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