More Images And History From The Martin Smith Collection.

1954 26’ Greavette Streamliner

Here is an update on the Martin Smith Collection from the wonderful folks at St. Lawrence Restoration who have been digging into the collections history and background. The site has many new images and articles of various boats construction and history.

This wonderful image of F.L.Smith and his Daughter fishing on the 1912 26’ Fry Launch with

You can see it all just by clicking here. We are also happy to report that the sales of these boats has been good. So if you are hanging around to see what happens, you may want to pull the trigger. This collection of fine boats and motors is a very rare thing indeed.

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    • jimmuh
      jimmuh says:

      LOL! Just the other day, after casually mentioning to my wife about a boat trying to find its way into my barn, she (equally casually, but a bit off topic) mentioned she had recently checked the load in her 38 cal. bedside companion…..for a moment I didn’t know quite what to think……

  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Someone contact the owner of that customized Jag in a previous post. Have him buy the Streamliner and customize it into a lapstrake. THEN he could have one hell of a setup. LOL (Shhhh,I actually I like the Jag. Towing the Streamliner behind it would look even better than his current setup).

  2. Alex
    Alex says:

    Cheer up people. Our wives didn’t say no to cars, planes, narrow gauge trains, or ride mowers, now did they? Plenty of room yet to move about. But if it must be a boat, hey, there’s always an Amphicar. Just keep the props in the trunk, and for goodness sake, don’t EVER let her catch you doing a splash-in. ‘Cause she’ll have you wearing cement shoes for the next one.

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