More On The Stolen Chris Craft Racer


We reported this a couple weeks ago, here is an update with photo’s. This boat was recently stolen from a suburban residence. We are enlisting fellow Woody Boaters and the public to help locate this boat. Please, this is a treasure.

Stolen 16’ Chris Craft Barrel Back Special Race Boat 1936
Special identifying features:
1. Hull #42044
2. HIN #082-47091-F835
3. Ohio boat registration number OH 4187-AK
4. Engine #F-10AB3850
5. Natural Varnish special ordered hull only by original owner
6. Gauges individual in dash, no panel
7. Steering on left side – black wheel, originally red
8. Ford flathead engine, Sandusky gear marine transmission
9. Two model 92 twin downdraft Stromberg carburetors protruding through deck hatches – cut out crude for clearance
10. Red upholstery, 2nd seat with deck hatch – large chrome thumb turns for locks
11. Four bear claw vents on decks, factory rigged Chris Crafts only have two.
12. Wind shield brackets are early post-war deluxe (finger pincher style)
13. Throttle lever on left side of driver cockpit, not on steering wheel.
14. 18’ dual axle Custom Haul trailer brown/maroon in color, chrome rims, pipe style bow stop.
15. Polished rudder and propeller
16. Currently no name on transom
17. Red bottom paint

$2,000 reward for the arrest and conviction
Please contact Jack: 614-571-4155 (cell) 614-294-7067 (office)
Or Dublin Police: 614-410-4800 Case #09-4771

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Unless it's locked away and not used someone has to eventually see this boat. What a shame though, and this being such a small community as it is, that it has come to this.

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