Mr Beach Blanket Bilge Party. Oh, It’s A Thing.

Whatever “keeps” floating your boat

For the record I am not quite sure where the commas go on that headline. But? Oh well, it’s 6AM and I am getting back to normal. Bad spelling and all. Grammar. Okay, Bilge watch. We got Janet-O in the drink yesterday, and she sure loves it.  But she is perking up and holding her own now.

Sitt’n and watching, everyone gets to drink

But a new thing happened. The fire pit is a perfect place to wait, watch and have a drink as well, while watching your boat drink. You literally get to soak up the joy of it all together.  I know this used to be a thing at boat shows back in the day. Watch Party’s. But with the new No Soak bottoms I guess it’s less of a thing. Sigh!

What a beauty

Maybe we should change the name of the Mr Beach to Mr B’s Bilge Watch Beach. A place to sit and watch your liver and boat slowly sink. We could have soak’m up parties. Beach Blanket Bilge Partys. Okay, okay. Too early?

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  1. Art
    Art says:

    I have 2 boats in my boat house one has a 5200 bottom and the other doesn’t the one that doesn’t takes forever to soak up the 5200 bottom, Molly-O, doesn’t take forever so I guess it’s a haftass party.

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