Mr White. Quite Possibly The Best U22 In The Country.

To be accurate here. Mr White is both a dog and a boat. The 1947 U22 is named after John and Kim Kidimik’s trusty Westie…. known to all the Northwood Boatworks folks as the shop manager , dock attendant and head restorer… Well Mr white must really know his stuff, cause there ain’t a show that Mr White… the boat has gone to that he hasn’t won some fancy pants big time award. Clayton, Lake Hopatcong, Smith Mountain Lake, Southern New England Show at Essex and Mt. Dora…twice!John and Kim bought 2 derelict White Sportsman in 1994, both were originally from Lake George. One went to Tom Hillicker named “Blonde on Blonde” and seen in last weeks video. The other became Mr White. hull #587 Restored as a personal restoration by John that took several years in spare time in the shop. Mr White has a new bottom…the boat not the manager…. new transom & decks, original hull sides, dash and ceiling panels ( which qualifies it for the preserved judging category MR White’s original Chrysler SM7 Motor was rebuilt by Davis Van Ness, new Rub Rails , Pat Powell Instruments, New gas tank, new wiring, all done correctly, rebuilt engine box, correct linoleum, sides were all masterfully painted with 10 coats of paint. Art work by Alan JohnsonI have seen this boat personally, had a ride, and you have to see it to believe it. It’s perfect. And each time I see it, it stays that way. Something that can’t be said for many boats, they are usually in this shape once.. for just enough time to be judged. John and Kim have decided that Mr White is now available for sale..THE BOAT! The shop, dock manager is priceless and not for sale…. Offered directly from John and Kim at Special November U22 Month price of $38,500….mmmmmmm I like dogs, my wife likes dogs…. mmmmmm I see an emotional hook here… It would be like having one more dog dear.. so the other dogs wouldn’t be lonely… dear…. it’s not a boat……just another dog!

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  1. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    I have drooled over that boat many times! I hate you for posting this! Just kidding. But dang, I want it! HELP!

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