Now, THIS, Is A Cruiser Worth The Big Bucks!

corvette-chris-craftIf you are a cruiser fan, of which I am big time, you have no doubt seen this amazing.. A-MAZING Chris-Craft Corvette out there on the WWW. Well, here it is on Craigslist, and Yachtworld and some other sites, Maybe too many sites, but its out there for $99K and despite yesterdays story, this Cruiser is worth every penny of 100K, Its up there with the likes of Black Beauty and other jaw dropper cruisers that were very well restored for far far more than the sales price. On top of all that, when a boat is done to this level, all the maintenance costs are less dramatic, since you are not trying to dig out of neglect. Its all up keep, and that is fine with me.


Dang, those are some Sexy lines.

Think about it. There are small little boats that are over 100K that are not weekend homes, party barges, and yes.. serious chick magnets. OK, sure some of those chicks are hens, but have you looked in the mirror latley? Sorry.. The point is, pull up to any dock on the planet in this and its a party. And to top it all off, its a Corvette! The rare of rare classic cruisers. AHHHHHHH, this boat makes my head spin.


Interior redone in a classic way.


Modern helm with respect to her history. Note the gauges


Updated classic galley


Think, this spring you are the out on your river, bay and you OWN that water way! To feel those shifters, turn the wheel, smell the varnish and paint mixed with fresh air and the sounds of happy people on board. PRICELESS, all for $99,000… The price of a fancy Pontoon boat.. UGH.. I think I am going to be ill. WTF, $100K pontoon boats! And yes, there even $200K Pontoon boats. And yet, this cruiser is out there for 100K.. The world is insane.


OK, that looks very comfortable

chris-craft-corvette6 chris-craft-corvette5

Want to know a bit more about Chris-Craft Corvettes? We did a small story on them. HERE


And if you really want to see some cruiser love for sale, see the the Seattle Craigslist page. WOW, that place rocks.

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  1. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    Very nicely done refit. If your considering a cruiser, the important stuff is in the bilge and below the water line. If her mechanical systems, bottom condition and fasteners are as well cared for as her interior, I’d say she’s worth a look. Size wise, your better of to stay in the 30 to 38 foot range. Once they get bigger than that there are problems hauling and handling on the hard. Spend the money for a survey. If all good offer 75K. and “go yachting”. Stinky would be a sweet little tender. Hmmmmmmm!

    • Rob
      Rob says:

      Dan makes a good point. It would be better if these listings had about a dozen good pics of the inner bottom, including the corners of the transom, chine scarfs, frame floors, gussets, and so on. While this boat is likely sound, the bilge is what matters. A professional survey is a good idea, but I would not buy any wood hull without doing my own detailed inspection of every square inch of the bottom, inside and out. If the owner has a problem with that, it is time to walk away.

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    A boat is only worth what someone is willing to pay, so I think you need to prove to us that it is worth every cent of $99k by making an offer. You know you want it!

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Now that is a BEAUTIFUL boat!

    I am so glad this Corvette is in Seattle, I would be too tempted to go look at it if it were on the Great Lakes or the East Coast.

    I stopped at a marina in Boston a few years ago where a CC Corvette is sitting on the hard dying a slow painful death.

    Most of the best kept cruisers seem to be in Seattle.

  4. Sunday Funday
    Sunday Funday says:

    Beautiful! I’ve always loved the big old cruisers, but fortunately my brain is stronger than my heart right now. Found this one a few months and cant’t get it out of my head. These stories don’t help!!

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      Sunday Funday:

      It would be great to save that old cruiser, but it would probably be cheaper to by the one in the story for the asking price and have it shipped to wherever you live. Sometimes I have being a realist.

    • Bruce Geiger
      Bruce Geiger says:

      If you are interested in one that isn’t such a project… Have a look at this 1940 Shaun Monk 53′ with a chrysler crown six.

      • Troy in ANE
        Troy in ANE says:

        Bruce: That is a very nice looking boat. Are you saying that she is powered by a single 6 cylinder Chrysler Crown?

  5. Bill andersen
    Bill andersen says:

    I have same urge. Ended up as old as could with aluminum hull. Early 60s CC Roamer. 36 Not as much wood and bling but do not have to deal with wood hull. We pulled hard top and are debating on express cruiser or replacing???

  6. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    By the pics that is certainly an over the top restoration and perhaps the best I have ever seen. 99K though? There is so little market but perhaps there is a big man? The final sale price on this will be a benchmark comparable for some time.
    We shall see.
    Wonderful boat….
    John in Va.

  7. KentB
    KentB says:

    It’s a buyers market. These beauties are dissappearing every day. There was a 46′ Matthews FREE! (AND FLOATING) on Craigslist recently… there will be a balance between how much you want to spend now vs. How much you want to do. My personal philosophy is not to bite off more than you can chew so you can use the boat each season. It’s tough to step back from the desire for perfection, but waking up and having coffee on the aft deck while watching the summer rise behind Perry’s Monument makes it all worthwhile.
    My 33′ 1939 Richardson Is in heated comfort getting 78 years of bottom paint scraped and a full inspection below waterline. Shaftlog, keel, and a garboard plank are on the list of things to fix… but if I didn’t, she would still float. BTW she has a sisters ship here in Toledo that may be up for sale soon…

  8. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Not to diverse…but came up from Florida to Hendersonville, NC yesterday for a funeral. They have funny rain up here…It is white and it stays on the ground

  9. Ron in Seattle
    Ron in Seattle says:

    “Freedom” used to attend the Chris Craft Rendezvous in Port Orchard (PNW) for years and years, a truly excellent example wonderful restoration. And to those who are wondering, she looked this good in her bildges. I wouldn’t say that she would pass easily. I can easily arrange a survey for you if anyone’s interested.

    What is sad, is our 35 foot Chris-Craft commander “ITCHIN” that Dick Dow and I restored, that I sold and went back to Lake Minnetonka. The new owners are really not The WoodyBoater type of people, did not understand much about cruising, did a bunch of updating which destroyed the restored award-winning originality of the boat. It is now listed at Freedom Boat Works for 180 K. It is a very sad, personal story for me.
    And yes, we have lots of nice Chris Crafts out here, good surveyors, and skilled craftsman.

  10. Karl
    Karl says:

    Troy is correct The Best kept cruisers are in Seattle where we can keep them in freshwater and use them in the Salt year-round. Here is a picture of Blue Jay that I have been the keeper of for 16 years and have been to 15 consecutive Chris Craft Rendezvous.

    • Rob
      Rob says:

      Here is another picture of Elude in Kingston, Ontario, at the confluence of Lake Ontario and the St.Lawrence River. 1937 35′. Posting pictures two days in a row on cruiser themes is cool.

  11. Ron Y.
    Ron Y. says:

    Before I buy into any ” Expert Opinion ” as to the value of anything, I remind myself that on any special interest item, the value is in the mind of the person that wants it, and what he is able to pay. Car, Watch, Boat, Painting, Etc.
    The Cruiser Boat owner experience in a big waterway or coastal environment is not comparable to the trailer boat experience in a winter climate. Opinions on value are often tied directly to resources and waterways available to the individual.

  12. Jordan
    Jordan says:

    One of the three largest cruiser ever built by Chris Craft and probably the only one left was (is?) sitting in a field here in northern CA. At least she was blocked, levelled, and covered when I saw her. You can see her pic in the blue bible. Would probably take a cool million to bring her back unless you did all the work then probably only 500k

  13. Phil Jones
    Phil Jones says:

    Long Day, clicked on here, said I think I have a shirt just like the guy driving that boat in the header does!!! then the day got really long when I realized that was me:):):) I’m going to bed now and try agin Fridat TGIF!!!!!

  14. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Ok, so I WENT BOATING…and can prove it…maybe…if there are not too many pixels or whatever. 70 degees on the Chesapeake today after a weekend that never got above freezing and featured 11 inches of snow at the Marina.
    My Fairchild Scout 30, taken from the dink, hence the empty davits….trying for a sunset pic too…in which there is, though too far away to see….an Eagle in flight….gets no better than this boys!
    John in Va.

  15. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Ironic – that appears to be a Lake Union Dreamboat – an iconic PNW design of the 1920’s. Nice to see!

  16. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Perfect eye Dick. Exactly the template…Lake Union Dream Boat…..this is a copy of a 1925 Blanchard…..somewhat smaller than the originals.
    Designed by Ben Ostlund, built in San Diego…only built 13, this being number 13….molds later sold to Canadian firm that made about 20 more. Mine is a 1979…..Canadian versions were built in mid 80″s. Very well built fiber glassic…..the only thing that lured me away from a wooden boat.

  17. jimmuh
    jimmuh says:

    Just had to add: Saturday am, just off San Juan Island in the PNW, this gorgeous Chris Craft, sliding past on a sunny 28º morning…..

  18. Maurizio Hublitz
    Maurizio Hublitz says:

    Well I do believe he cruisers will go up in price in the future at some point the demand is going to be higher than the ones that are left out there. I can definitely say that restoration cost and effort i have had with my cruiser, that 99K is not bad compared to buy an unrestored one. Picture of my 1959 32ft Express

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