Oh Crap, My Penial Gland Is Looking At Boats Again!

$_57-5Now that the days are getting longer, It’s starting all over again. I am looking at all the Brokers sites and surfing ebay for boats. What the heck! Its Freezing outside, and there is 5 inches of snow on the ground. And cool boats are popping up all over the place. I blame my dam penial gland! And if you are thinking of what I am thinking you are thinking that a penial gland is, you are wrong! I will let you google it.  Its an actual thing that controls boat lust. Todays lust is a very cool 1968 Lancer on ebay. WOW. 500 original hours.



$_57-3The cool thing about these is they are more like a time capsule car find. Being made out of fiberglass that age thing is less of a thing.  Neato color, and these will go up in value. They are very usable, well designed boats and this one is nice. Still worried about that old outdrive? To many, the outdrive is the way to go, better steering. I personally like the regular kind, or maybe it’s the  fear of the unknown. Or maybe it’s my corpus amygdaloideum!


Wait one darn second! Is that thing sitting ON TOP OF A CAR?

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  1. Jim Staib
    Jim Staib says:

    Just the way to find a boat. One owner from up north where the seasons are short. And stored up out of the way on pallet racking. Now if it was a wood inboard you might have my interest.

  2. Andreas Jordahl Rhude
    Andreas Jordahl Rhude says:

    The boat is located in Maple Plain, MN which is where I live. Well, I actually live in Independence which surrounds Maple Plain.

  3. Mike K
    Mike K says:

    i used 2 sets of pallet racks as gantrys to raise and flip my boat.
    worked great. it was about the cost (used craigslist) of the lumber i would use, and i can take them apart for future use!

    i got the idea from townsend boat works videos, he used a set and put a canvas roof over it for outside work

    still no emails trying to sell me boats i cant afford.


  4. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    Here’s an idea, Matt. Buy the damn thing and arrange to pick it up in May. Then take it up to Gull Lake and your friends at BSLOL can take you give a tour of the stunning sites for this year’s International, “Woods and Water.” Then you leave the boat in Minnesota, in the hands of any one of our top flight restorers, lake Dave Bortner, for a bit of sprucing up over the summer. Finally, come back in September and it will be waiting for you at the docks at Bar Harbor.

  5. Craig J
    Craig J says:

    This is the first year for the 19′ and this one may be the most original survivor left. With the trailer that’s included you could not restore one to this standard for this kind of money.
    68 and 69 with the red on white scheme look very unique and probably the most “vintage” of all the 19′ Lancers.
    I’m sure whoever buys her knows what a unique piece it is and I’m sure we will see it at shows in the not too distant future.

  6. Fred Farkle
    Fred Farkle says:

    What is with all the plastic boats? If G-d wanted men to have fiberglass boats, he would have made fiberglass trees.


    Come on, Matt!

  7. Briant
    Briant says:

    That boat does zip for me.

    But hey, maybe a lady in the Woodyboater world can chime in and answer a question… In the photos for this boat, there are gals wearing those cool headscarves from the 60s. Why have not those come back into style? I mean we have loads of hipsters running about with those asinine hats, but those classy scarves are still hiding in the attic. What gives?

  8. Sean
    Sean says:

    Okay, it is a nice boat. However, it is nothing special unless you already have a fleet old CCs and need this to complete the set. Currently at $8,100 (reserve not met) and a BIN of $19,500 this is seriously over valued. There are many, many better boats available for far less. For example, the CorrectCraft ($995) from Wednesdays story is a great buy


    There are also plenty of DONZI models available in great shape and priced better than this average boat. So, unless this CC Lancer gives you a real “woody” for some sentimental reason, I think we are seeing the start of what will become the ugly side of our hobby.

    • Craig J
      Craig J says:

      Correct Craft comparison is silly if you know anything about either boat. As for value, that’s determined by what someone will pay for it, not what you “think” it’s worth. It’s bringing strong money because it’s a strong boat. 24 degree deadrise hull designed by Jim Wynne that is exactly the same as the XK19/Commander SS. In anything more than 1′ of chop these hulls will walk away from most other boats. Donzi guys know that and respect it.
      I’ve been on boat forums for many years and have never seen a fiberglass owner put down wood boats. In fact they (and I) admire them. Too bad knocking fiberglass seems to be a recurring theme among some in the wood community. Speaks volumes.

      • Sean
        Sean says:

        What the “Market will bear” is the cheap answer. This is a new market since the ACBS decision and still evolving. As I mentioned, this is a nice boat. Mostly due to it’s originality and condition. However, it is exceedingly average in design and appointments aside from it’s Walt Walters 24 degree Deadrise design hull. (I am a Donzi owner 🙂 ). This boat only derives value due to the CC faithful, and then only since the past year. The “utility” design and interior appointments certainly would not put it on par with many other fiberglass models available (as previously stated) let alone an XK/Commander.

        The CorrectCraft comparison is dead on for a value/collectable comparison as it was intended. No, it’s not a CC but, that boat is VERY collectable and at it’s listed price, extremely inexpensive. I don’t know how to explain this in more simple terms. If you can’t see it, I can’t help you.

        And yes, it’s my opinion that this ordinary Lancer is over valued. Just as I see many other boats I think are generally under valued (Wellcraft Nova for example). But, at least I put MY opinion of the boats out there and support it with examples. Further, I don’t try to slam others opinions (while put words in their mouth about being “wood-only snobs”).

        BTW, I consider myself a classic boat enthusiast and do not differentiate between wood and fiberglass. So, you picked the wrong guy for your slight. I’m entitled to my opinion, and the culmination of everyone’s opinion directs the market. If you think that Lancer is worth the same as a similar condition XK19, you should get your wallet out because that’s the other end of the market.

        • Craig J
          Craig J says:

          I picked the wrong guy? I didn’t pick anything other than your statements to respond to. The Correct Craft is a purpose built ski boat. The Lancer is a utility runabout. It’s like comparing a Cobra with a Skiff. They are two different boats that were originally sold to two different buyers and still likely appeal to different buyers.
          “What the market will bear” isn’t a cheap answer it’s the correct answer. Your theory about ACBS rule changes effecting the value of this boat may eventually bear fruit but I doubt the seller or the new buyer has any clue what acbs means let alone what their rules are. Furthermore, the acbs rule changes would effect your Correct Craft and Nova reference proportionately as the rules don’t name Chris Craft specifically. I didn’t put words in your mouth I used your words. While we’re on the topic though you stated “if you think that Lancer is worth the same as a similar condition XK19”. I never said, suggested, or hinted at that. I merely stated they had the same hull and hull designer. That is a fact. As is the fact that Jim Wynne designed both, not Walt Walters.
          You don’t have to like the boat. That’s fair, but why you felt the need to share your “opinion” by smearing it as “nothing special” “overvalued”, “ugly side of the market”, I don’t understand.
          So I guess in this forum you have the right to express your opinion but when I challenge some of your statements and express mine I’m slighting you? Yeah I know I’m the new guy on the forum and you’re the salty veteran so have at it. By the way, wheres that comparable Donzi for less money you mentioned in your original post?

          • Sean
            Sean says:

            Both the CorrectCraft and the Lancer are classic collector boats. Yes, they were designed for different purposes but, that is irrelevant as we are talking collector boats and value for dollar spent.

            Anyone can overspend on a particular boat. This may be because of a personal attachment or, any number of reasons however, that does not set the market. Face it, the older ‘glass boats are rising in value because of greater demand. this in part due to their inclusion into “classic” clubs. Without this they are just “old boats” and over the years we have seen far too many left to rot out in fields and at the roadside. Nobody spends $20,000 on “just an old boat”. This especially, when so many better examples of great boats are available. (I suggest you check the Donzi listings… pretty much anywhere). If someone has 20K in their pocket and are looking for a classic boat, I suggest there’s many, many places to look before this Lancer.

            Chris Craft, as an established marque in the collector boat circles commands immediate respect. By their name association alone, fiberglass Chris Craft boats seem to be benefiting from this in terms if value. Imho, this is because those in the hobby know CC and probably are not as familiar with other ‘glass manufacturers therefore raising the bar on CC’s.
            The “ugly side” I refer to, is the practice of grossly overvaluing fiberglass boats to capitalize on this association and not the attributes of the boat. Maybe I’m wrong. But in this instance it sure looks like it.

            True, the Lancer is not my cup of tea. Having said that I also said it was a nice boat (twice) and have not “knocked” fiberglass boats. This Lancer is not a “special” boat. It is not ground breaking, nor is it anything close to an XK19 in features, appointment or style. It is a far less collectable boat EXCEPT it has a CC nameplate. Porsche made 914’s as well as 911 Carrera RSs in the same year…. they have different values despite the same people designing them.

            Your opinions on the boats are welcome here, as are everyone’s. WB is a great place for opinions. That’s what it for… so, I often give my opinion. You should too. But, if… “Too bad knocking fiberglass seems to be a recurring theme among some in the wood community.” … is your Idea of an acceptable expression of opinion from newbie or an old salt, I’d think again.

  9. reddog
    reddog says:

    im kinda in agreement with fred farkle . i know these boats are out there and it must be tough to get a story every single day especially in the winter months and it is a chris ctaft but there fiberglass boat websites out there. please try to get back to wood boat topic on this great website more often is this the fred farkle from fresno, frisco, or flint.

  10. Steve Moreau
    Steve Moreau says:

    There are points that I agree with in everyone posts. And there is two things that we all have in common here. 1st we all love the water, boats and watercraft and with that the joys it brings to our life. 2nd we all love wooden things with boats being a common thread.
    1st if you think that the only way to have any fun on the water is in a wooded boat, or that in a wooden boat it’s some how more fun. Well here you go, your an Old Poop (see the ships store for your official hat)! Load up family and friend and head to the launch and you’ll have a day full of smiles. no matter what he craft is made out of.
    2nd oh for the love of our wooden boats. It’s just something about taking a piece of wood and making something out of it that you well up with pride inside. And if you don’t have the skills or the time and have a restorer make your vision for you boat come to life, I believe that the same pride is inside of you. At the end we have a wonderful thing to enjoy. Now hold on that is not to say that you shouldn’t have the same amount of pride it you restore a fiberglass boat I’ve done several and loved each and every one!
    As I see it there were may different avenues this story could of went down. But it’s seams to have went down the wood against the glass road, And I say at the end a boat is nothing more than a hole in the water that you can dump cash into. Believe me I could have retired 10 years ago if I had all the money that I’ve put down those holes.
    Here’s a list of water hole that I have and hull construction
    Coleman canoe Thermoplastic
    Pelican paddle boat Thermoplastic
    Pelican bass raider Thermoplastic
    Crawfish skiff Aluminium
    Bateau 16′ Fiberglass
    McKee craft Fiberglass
    Grizzly Tracker marine Aluminium
    Yamaha jet ski Some kind of plastic/fiberglass
    Higgins port royal wood

    Each one has may stories that have good time and loads of smiles. As well as every boat that I’ve owned. And there is a wed site/blog site to follow with people of liked minded having fun and sharing there experiences.

    This site is a wonderful place and I hope it continues, I enjoy each and every wooden boat story here. and as it has been posted this is the wooden boat site. And what a complete package it is, from the staff, vendors and posters. Truly a place that one can get carried away on. If we must have a glass story I say let it be the coolest one out there, but my vote is for the wood! So I sit back and take what is given.
    Off to the ships store for my hat! have a good day!!

  11. Steve Moreau
    Steve Moreau says:

    Oh by the way Matt either gland will get you a divorce if used in the wrong way! Be careful lil brother!!

  12. wayne
    wayne says:

    looks like my 1970 lancer mine was 17ft with
    155hp and omc outdrive when i lived in ft

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