Ohhhhh! Bingo. 1940 22 Foot Deluxe Utility.

I am not sure whats going on. Maybe its the 70 degree weather, but I got a hanker”n for a new boat. And as you can tell it’s a utility. A 25 footer is great, but rare and hard to find in a reasonable affordable fashion. So I am flip flopping and what ever comes across my bow I seem to want. Maybe I just need to collect these things. Have 20 of them and…wait….it’s a depression, and my kids want to go to collage, and my wife …well is still my wife…. Dang it. I just found this new listing on Antique boat Center. Damit. This is perfect. It’s a Utility, It has the cool Utility type on it, blue face gages. Even the leather/vynal on the whicker chairs….fresh restoration….snnnniiiiiiifffffffff I can smell the fresh varnish…. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! This is the one. The one and only….the one I always wanted….for today. Listing here. Buy it and I will hunt you down…and beg for a ride.

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  1. oldwoodboats
    oldwoodboats says:

    Great boat! Just like my ’42 utility except for the blue gauges, which are cool. Nice price too – guess I should up my insurance “declared value”
    I wonder if the “M” is original. More than half of the pre-war U22s came with Ks

    Thanks for posting

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    matt, not very long ago i was in whitestone and came accross a run down marina. there was a very restorable utility there. you might know it? its close to you!

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