OK, They Arn't Wood, Not Even Aluminum…But They Are In The Family.

Ehhhhh,,, uuhhhhhh,,,, mmmmmmmmm, Elite Craft’s…. I can’t decide about these things. I get what they are trying to do? But why? Oh I know why… but… really? They are fiberglass, but with a wood look. I suppose it’s for the guy that wants wood, without the pain of wood… Like Viagra.. ya… that’s it… Fake wood… And in the case of a 4 hour boat ride… All kidding aside..kinda… they are kinda cool, and actually if one is going to do such a thing, they are well done. And kinda part of the Woody Boater Family… The member that is from Hollywood, that is wearing a wig, and has plastic surgery… and …. Ahhh this is to easy…From some of the feedback from the previous story though.. Very well built and a blast and the owners love the hell out of them.and in the end, that’s what it’s all about… Here is a link to the Elite Craft Owners Web Site thanks to fellow Woody Boater Ken Miller…you can fantasize now in fiberglass. Kinda…

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    But is it still fun if you don't have to worry about varnish drips, spills,yellowing deck caulk, correct colors (interior, botton, boot stripes etc..), finding parts, repairing old engines…………wait a minute! No, I'ld probably get bored actually being out on the boat with so much extra time on my hands.

  2. Texx
    Texx says:

    Interesting concept… Do we dare refer to this as a "Hybrid" runabout? A word you never thought you would see used on WoodyBoater. Ha

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Not in our family. Worked on one at our shop a few years ago, really bad ! Gel coat cracks everywhere,rotten stringers,foam filled(wet)compartments with no access,ill fitting hardware and rails,big oak sprayrails that where rotten(dirt),cheap foam upholstery,poor rigging, a real POS. It did have a nice IvaLight, but that was about it. JK

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Any boat can take you to the limit. I will stick to varnish. Sanding gelcoat is the pits. You will pass out from the fumes of application alot faster than wood varnish. You can keep it. It is alot harder to bring back if too far gone.

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