On Golden Pond Boat For Sale On eBay!


Here we go again you say. Here it is Click here...Another one. But this one seems like it might be a real one if what the guy says checks out. See below…Subtle things, deck vent… very odd, The set shots have the vent near the windshield and on this boat the vent is on the hatch cover, but on the video clip from the movie it has the vent like this. And then two vents. So they must have moved it around. The snaps on the windshield though line up. The seller says he has all the documentation. Currently I have an email into him. This is making me sick. I want a U22 and this would be a good one to have. I just need to unload the Barrel Back. Ugh! UPDATE 12/30/08 Story on-line from StarTribune.com on the sale. Click Here.

NEW UPDATE 12/31/08 3PM Reserve Of 40K has been met .. this boat is going to sell. So act fast if you are interested.

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  1. Editor
    Editor says:

    There were 4, this one is believed to be one of two owned by a guy named Hendricks. There is a great topic on this also playing out on the boat buzz forum of the chris craft clubs web site. Click on the banner on the right. There are documents on it. thae whole deal. this looks like its a true one. We are currently trying to get to the bottom of the boats serial numbers. More to follow for sure!

  2. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    Yes. The Only ONE! I have begged anyone that owns these claimed boats to verify this.. He is the sole person on the planet that will and can vouch for these boats. New news is coming to light and we are planning on a big story soon.

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