One Beautiful 35' Hacker- It's A Good News Bad News Deal.

The good news. It’s one amazing boat. With an Allison Chambers motor…1,300 hp……It even comes with a spare motor. It also has two separate driving systems.. So. You want the coolest boat on the lake. This is it.

The bad news…. While you are driving it around, you have to tow a target boat, while STUDENT pilots take shots at it… Now to be fare… it does have two separate driving systems, so in the 50/50 event that your shipmate takes a bomb in the head not you, you can still make it home….and, well.. it’s 35 feet.. So what, that half the boat got blowed up real good.. That still leaves 18 feet…see. It’s like buying two boats in one.. See .. that’s good news… Right… If you are interested.. It’s just one click away.. one flick of your trigger finger.. Right here at the Antique Boat Center.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Matt- Thanks for the "plug"!! It was fun being with you in Tavares. Business is picking up, so now is the time for us to sell your Barrel-


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