One Very Very Very Very Very Very Cool Cruiser.. Did I say it’s very cool?


If you are in the market for a cool cruiser, after you get out of that therapist meeting you go to twice a week.. hint, its all your parent fault.. Any way..once you get back home, check this out on eBay.. A killer 1966 33 ft STAUDACHER Sedan….Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Jim Staib of Fine Wood Boats who sent us this.. you to can now need 4 meetings a week with your therapist.. Or better yet.. Just fire her, it was your mothers fault that you could never have one of these.. See. see how much better you feel.. Its ok to cry.. Then go out on this and scream! Happy bidding.. Click here.

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Was this just to make you feel better that you didn’t have biggest varnish maintenance project around?

    • matt
      matt says:

      I have secretly started my own varnish company and sand paper retail center.. ” Sand Lot Center” Thats what i am calling it..

  2. Leatherneck
    Leatherneck says:

    Pretty boat, Matt, but I just can’t reconcile “Vintage wooden boat” with twin I/Os. In a woody, you’re supposed to have cranky old inboard(s) down below in the damp. But yes, pretty boat.


  3. D Schaaf
    D Schaaf says:


    In addition to this beauty, Les and Jon Staudacher made five mahogany runabouts. I have one in Annapolis, another is the Ralph Lauren ‘Polo’ boat up in Newport, and there’s a third out on the west coast. The other two, who knows? Les Staudacher’s race boats are very collectable as are Jon’s wood stunt planes. I’m sure this cruiser is very well-made and highly collectable.

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