Playing With Boats. That Felt Good.

Got Stinky on her trailer. His Trailer? he does seem more like a boy boat.

Yesterday between runs to the dump and cleaning up around the house and the deck at the house and the railway, I needed to start moving some of the fleet. And a funny thing happened. It felt great. Like real great. I was playing with boats for a change. Not on a Zoom call, or building a deck, wait 2 decks and a patio…

The new deck at the Railway.

New Deck and patio at home. The last two weeks. I sit to sit down, no wait..

or other stuff thats been a major distraction. But just moving stuff. Of course I am actually doing stuff. Like will I take Stinky to Lake Dora? Or Termite Terror. The reliable fast photo boat that never lets us down?

Using the pulley system for the second time. This is as far as I will ever test it.

Also what to do with Baby Chick, now that the excitement has died down a small bit. Do I really need 2 25 Sportsman? No. But I will leave that for another day. The good news is we are about a week away from really basking in the sun and boating while eating deep fried food and some good old belly laughs.

The little Beast towing the big beast.

The real B..east at the wheel. He is still trying to get the clutch thing worked out. But pulled it off.

He is working on his backing with the mirrors skills.

Baby Chick in the covered parking for now

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    One of my favorite feelings is pulling the boats out of the barn for the first time in the Spring and taking off the winter cover. It’s like seeing an old friend again and knowing we will have many good times over the next few months. I can’t help but smile!

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    One week from today I will be heading towards above freezing temperatures and sunshine. There might even be some cool people to hang out with as well. Can’t wait!!!

  3. Ronald Ford
    Ronald Ford says:

    We are leaving Saturday morning, Ready for shorts and t shirts for sure, Rare 4 inches of snow here Friday night but mostly gone yesterday thank goodness.

  4. Floydrturbo
    Floydrturbo says:

    Love the deck on the railway office and the overall look it has as well as that patio and deck combo at the house. Looks like great multiple places to relax. Do you ever get to? That deep overhang at the house is what I dream about. After working on a lake house with 4 foot deep eaves where you could walk around the house without getting wet is the way to go. It forces damaging rain out beyond your foundation, keeps the sun from heating the house but allows ambient light and keeps it cool, protects your siding, windows, and trim. Of course it’s a huge construction cost but adds more value justifying expense.

    • Kelly Wittenauer
      Kelly Wittenauer says:

      I’ve always loved the look of homes with ample overhangs & feel that houses without eaves look strange. Thank you for providing rationale, beyond mere appearance, for building deep overhangs!

  5. Shep on Lake Shafer IN.
    Shep on Lake Shafer IN. says:

    Saturday moved Mom’s Mink out of her winter spot into the garage stall. Greg you are right it always is a good feeling pulling the cover off in the Spring. Started going thru the trailer and boat this week to make sure they are ready. We leave on Sunday Morning early.
    Can’t wait to get the boat back in the water and warm sun!
    Hope to see you all in a few days.

  6. Troy in FLA
    Troy in FLA says:

    I LOVE Babychick!!!

    If I weren’t looking for a Cruiser to liveaboard and do the loop in I would ask what you would take for her. $$


    Greg I can relate, but I don’t have the ” feelings is pulling the boats out of the barn” I just go to the boathouse and take the dust cover off and pull the electric hoists in the down to water mode. PS swelling is NOT required.

  8. ART
    ART says:

    Greg I can relate, but I don’t have the ” feelings is pulling the boats out of the barn” I just go to the boathouse and take the dust cover off and pull the electric hoists in the down to the water mode. PS swelling is NOT required.

    R U coming to FL?

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