Race Boats In Clayton! Live-ish.. Kinda…

Thanks to Fellow Woody Boaters, John Kim and Natashia Kadimick. We get to bask in the glory of some of the finest vintage race boats out there..These shots were taken during Raceboat Weekend in Clayton this past weekend. Also it was “Pirate Days” in Alax Bay, so there was a parade… Now.. since they did not send captions.. You know what that means… We get to make them up!

This is one cool boat

This is one cool crane!

Dang! I would not like to have been in racing in the late 50’s against this boat..


This must be one famous boat .. It just does not look that it cares how it looks.. But these are the sorts of boats that will rip the planks off your boat as it zooms past you..

JJ is that you?

Cool Boat, Cool Photo.. Cool!


OK, did anyone go over 5 knots at this event?

Saw it at the Clayton ACBS show.. It’s so last week

Look its Lu and Lu with Lu Lu

Hey.. These are actually very cool cars.. Cosworth Engines.. Shhhh don’t tell anyone. i secretly look at these on eBay…

If i came into the dock that fast?

First Place in the docking race.. Or.. dear god I’ve got to pee.. Just throw me a line, if this thing vibrates and bounces one more time….

Very nice

OK, now we are actually getting up to 10 knots


Just sitting there in the parking lot.. Thats the stuff I love.. Just drove it to the show…
Finally, some racing… Watch out for that tanker though… its gaining on you!