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Well, that sure was an interesting and engaging week. And of course like anything on the internet, just alot of back and forth but no real conclusions. But I did detect some trends. For better or worse, you are kinda are a focus group, and the forum here could be used as an honest reflection of the community. All sorts of voices were heard, Herd? Inserted in my ears? Here is a brief recap, for those interested. Or didn’t read this week’s comments.

Ugh, make it stop.. Wait, not yet, I have something to say. Then Stop. Wait

  1. The CCABC has some issues to deal with, and it may be time to rethink some of it’s offerings.
  2. Clubs in general need to think about their value structure
  3. WoodyBoaterVille is not a club, democracy. It’s a benevolent dictatorship, run by an insane old white guy that is lucid in the mornings and tired and worn out by 4PM and just trying to control some sort of sanity.

    It’s my platform

  4. We all miss boat rides.
  5. Babes. Okay this one to be honest is all over the place. SHOCK!!! sarcasm BTW. But here is what I get from it. We all kinda don’t like it. But what we don’t like even more, is some sort of censorship. Who is featured in the comment is subjective, and I do agree, about the mother daughter thing. It’s been part of our policy since the start. If Your daughter was reading this, then would you be embarrassed?

    Both over 70 by now. Its okay

  6. My personal belief system is I draw the line at if the woman featured is now over 60, its Okay. Old men using young women feels a tad creepy. As one of my younger female employees says. Any man over 35 that even looks at me is a creep. Period. I tend to agree with that. But it’s a matter of taste.
  7. To much dog stories, more boats, and the stuff that boats give and take from us all. I agree.
  8. We are all nuts, and part of the fun of WoodyBoater is the crazyness of it all. You really dont know what the next story will be?

    A classic

  9. We are Pen pal friends here. As crazy as it may sound, Steve Bunda nailed it. We all have gotten to know each others online personality here. And that is cool as hell. We visit each other daily, and its okay we disagree, fight and love. The most important thing is we are together, during a time when we cant be together.
  10. “George” One word. GEORGE! As in, don’t be a GEORGE, or You are such a GEORGE, Go George yourself.

    Kiss my rosey GEORGE

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  1. Jeff @ Indian Lake
    Jeff @ Indian Lake says:

    As Robin Williams (Kronauer) would say…….
    “Good Morning WoodyBoater!” It’s finally May, boating season has/soon will be starting, the birds are chirping, and the Flathead 6’s will soon be rumbling here on Indian Lake. All is right in the world, save a few things we won’t get into. Everyone have a GREAT day!

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Is it really May? I got snowed on while walking the dog last night. That doesn’t feel like May to me!!!!!

  3. steve bunda
    steve bunda says:

    Good Morning all you guys and gals . I love working on wood boats and all of you on Woodyboater . I have no problem with different positions and ideas as long as we are free to associate . We can agree to disagree , Ronald Regan said ” my 80 percent friend isn’t my 20 percent enemy ” or something close to that .
    Pictured before and after 1937 25 foot Chris Craft Custom roll deck that was found in Sturgeon Bay by the late Jack and Kenan . They were Chris Craft enthusiasts and instrumental in the Sister Bay Marina Fest and Sturgeon Bay Wooden Boat Show. I completed this boat after Kenan started the restoration , The boat was originally delivered to Chicago and subsequently was abandoned in a field . Thus the name Who’s Your Daddy. If anyone has any history on this rare and special Chris Craft , Please let me know. Thanks, Steve

  4. steve bunda
    steve bunda says:

    Jack and Kenan Bunda found this Chris Craft along with another that Clay Thompson completed.

  5. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo says:

    Your list of issues are not in any specific order, #8 should be #1. That’s why I have been here since the early days. WoodyBoaterVille is a weird place and I like it here.
    A little variety in the stories and postings are a good thing.

  6. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    OK I will take this time to truly expose myself (not in that way).

    I distinctly remember the day I realized my mind had changed gears. It was a beautiful summer morning in the early 90’s (I would have been about 30) as I drove my Snap-on Tools truck through the town of Richmond, Maine. There on the sidewalk was a gorgeous 17 – 18 year old brunet with long hair down to her waist. While driving by my brain said “Oh my word, she has got to drive her father CRAZY!”

    Another thing that gets talked about on WoodyBoater is Art. The art of a boats design, artistically staging a work space / marine railway or tool board, ………………. art in life. When I see the fresh green of emerging spring leaves, the bright red Cardinal on a gray winters day, the bloom of a Peacock, and yes the human form (female or male) I see Gods art work. Being an older slightly chunky guy I also know the effort it takes to keep a body toned and in shape. I do not look at a beautiful young woman as “something to conquer”, rather a gorgeous canvas who is putting in a LOT of effort to maintain a fit physique. If I am a “Creep” for that, so be it. I think it is actually your interpretation of my appreciation that is skewed.

    Next time I post a picture that you think is questionable, please try to take the time to look at it from that perspective and see if it looks different to you.

  7. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    You nailed it, Matt: We are pen pals. I love that Ronald Reagan quote, Steve. An 80% friend is not a 20% enemy. Good stuff.

    I missed out on the comments yesterday. But I have a confession. When I’m reading WB it’s often while having coffee with my beautiful and lovely wife. If there’s a “babe” in the comments I’ll tilt my phone away from her. I just don’t want that “grow up” look… even though I’m Matt’s age.

  8. Glen Glen
    Glen Glen says:

    Matt, I was a hit or miss WB reader before the pandemic.
    (I love my Marine Finish coffee cup) But now I tune in
    daily and like it just the way you let it roll (babes and all).
    BTW, I joined CCABC after your promotion of Steve Lapkin
    now being on board. I’m one of those that cancelled my
    ACBS membership after Chris Eden was dumped.
    Keep up the good work.

  9. John F Rothert
    John F Rothert says:

    So I am with Troy….look at his posted pic today….I saw the Donzi FIRST….though in fact I can’t think of any other fiberglassic that would have drawn my eye past the lady.

    Beautiful day in Va….let’s Go Boating.

    John in Va.

  10. Max Mueller
    Max Mueller says:

    Ditto’s Troy. My wife told me when we met that she liked that I was a face first guy that didn’t look her up and down. She notices that and doesn’t like it. I realized then that I really do like pretty faces and what is behind the eyes. Ok, I’ll peak eventually. Aren’t those classic hulls somewhat the same?

  11. Frank@Falmouth
    Frank@Falmouth says:

    Bbbbbb..but.. but…but. I have lots of dog and cat photos I haven’t shared! 🤪.
    Shuffling boats around in the boat barn and yard this weekend Moving the winter projects that didn’t get completed and making space. You can never have too many boats but that means you never have enough inside work and storage space.

  12. Ron In Seattle
    Ron In Seattle says:

    Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
    Boating today!
    Since the Seattle Yacht Club canceled Opening Day (started in 1928) due to the pandemic, we will join the unofficial “linear cruise” at noon today. That will be after the Huskies hopefully out row California through the Mountlake cut.
    But we started with a boat ride last night out to dinner in “Conny” a custom launch built for the husky crew team in 1932. She was saved from the burn pile many years ago and restored by Kirk Knapp. Yes, the same launch as in q“The Boys in The Boat”.
    What a treat, Thanks Kirk!

  13. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    Troy you really hit the nail on the head. I have always enjoyed you, Floyd and others pictures of pretty women on WB. Have even posted a few myself. I have never seen a picture on WB that was pornagraphic. They are all tasteful and things of beauty! I personally enjoy beauty, be it a boat, car, woman, beautiful scenery, a dog or cat. It all helps to brighten my day. I like others consider you all my friends. If I don’t see a comment from a “regular” on any given day here, I miss them. So keep it up. We know that we are all old and a little left of center. embrace it and enjoy each day.
    Your right John in Va. Go Boating!

  14. Chug-A-Lug
    Chug-A-Lug says:

    Now for boat stuff.My 2018 boat is turning into a classic wood boat(it leaks)it didn’t last summer but now it does.Not much,but enough to let me know.

  15. Paul H
    Paul H says:

    We went boating today….in an old boat, and watched paratoopers jump directly above us from an old plane. A WWll vintage C47 or DC3 in civilian terms. Tried to attach a picture but it must be an unsupported file type as the warning says it’s an invalid image.

  16. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    The Seattle “Mayday” linear cruise is expecting around 100 boats at noon today. Currently there is a dinghy scavenger hunt/poker run under way. Music on the dock starts in about an hour. The UW and Cal crews are in the cut and that is just the beginning. Another band takes the dock stage at 3:30, to be followed by a DJ. The kitchen and barbecues will be busy all day. While not our usual celebration, the PNW boating season has “officially” begun! Time to make some more memories and – who knows – maybe even some WB content will be created. 🙂

  17. Steve in NJ
    Steve in NJ says:

    Hey Matt. Possibly start a “sister site” ( no pun intended) called Amish Woody Boater for those offended by some of the images discussed last week. It could boost your overall combined numbers and heck maybe pick up Famous Amos cookies as a sponsor.
    As a daily follower, educator, and a father of a daughter I have never been offended by any images posted. Yes, I am at a computer where my wife and or daughter can view what I am viewing. Maybe because we reside in coastal NJ we are used to seeing individuals in various types of “attire” on our beaches and communities but this is life. Do you cover your wife’s or ‘eyes when one of these lasses happen be within your view- no, you deal with it. Possibly the lands further west of us are more puritanistic (Matt word ?) and that is sparking the hub bub.
    It appears our country that is said to be a institution based on majority rule has become a place of minority rule and I am glad WB will not be taking that same Titanic trip to the bottom. Keep Up Your Good Work.

    PS. For those of you ready to pounce: As a father of a daughter my first thought when I see a young woman with ducks covering her top and a directional tattoo to her nether regions I do think of her parents. My thoughts are what parenting skills (or lack of) instilled such decision making skills on this lass. And my daughter did see the image and her actual words were less than favorable which assures me we are on the right track here at home.

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