It’s A Good News Bad News Not So Bad News Thing On Lake Hopatcong!

The Racks! one word- Ugh!

One word- Ugh!  Photo Bob Kays

Yesterday was spent taking down walls and lifting floors to reveal the 1st floor. The good news. Some of the boats, like the bat boat, correct craft and some other boats made it. The sad news.. Seth and Renee’s first boat, a white Corvette boat did not make it. Two 18 ft Holidays are gone, an 18 Sportsman, Higgins, and several pre war smaller boats. Gone! The Barns craft a very rare boat from the lake is now Topless and not in good shape. The 25 Sportsman hardtop took a rough hit. A nice Ski boat, gone.. Ugh….Needless to say this might be the best ad for Hagerty Marine Insurance ever!We will let the pictures tell the story..

More rack damage.- Photo Joey

Bad News – More rack damage.- Photo Joey


More ugh

More ugh


The bat Boat, safe!

Good News -The bat Boat, safe!


Its a bird? A .. wait wrong super hero.

Its a bird? A .. wait wrong super hero.


Another safe family boat! Correct craft is still correct!

Good News -Another safe family boat! Correct craft is still correct!


The wall that our little model 99 held up!

The wall that our little model 99 held up!

The 99 ready for lift off!

Not So bad News – The 99 ready for lift off!

The Model 99 safe at home.. Kinda.. The little wall holder!

The Model 99 safe at home.. Kinda.. The little wall holder! – photo Bob kays


To be honest, this u22 is a piece of crap. And did not get ONE scratch!

Bad News-To be honest, this u22 is a piece of crap. I know cause i found it. CRAP! And did not get ONE scratch!


Seths Corvette boat, extremely rare..Windshild gone, interior panels, Side damaged. UGH

Very Bad News – Seths Corvette boat, extremely rare..Parts are not available, Windshild gone, interior panels, Side damaged. UGH- Bob Kays


That white thing on the top there, thats a higgins.. was a higgins?

That white thing on the top there, thats’ a Higgins.. was a Higgins – All bad news

Monday was a very sad day, but the good news is that the roof and walls are cleared out as are the boats. just in time for MORE SNOW!  I spoke with Tommy last night and apparently some time on Sunday, he fractured his arm. And worked through out Sunday and Monday to make the deadline. Amazing! On a personal note, although no lives were lost in this catastrophe, the efforts to save boats were heroic. Each portion of roof had to be removed as it came down as to not create more damage removing it. The good news is that the  boats are secured in multiple storage places in the community. And Tommy went to the Dr to take care of his arm.


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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Obviously the Bat Boat is made from some SUPER material that all boats should now be made of. Holy Fiberglass Batman!

  2. Allen
    Allen says:

    It is such a credit to the hobby and this group of guys who re as many as rallied to help and save as many as possible. The pictorial was a great read from Matt and Bob Kayes……seems people came from all over to help. Too bad a few curmudgeons chime in earlier….but thats just people……there is so much good in the world but some people focus on the little bit of bad. Great job folks keep up your great work at Katz and Woody Boater.

  3. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    It looks like an expensive game of pick-up-sticks. An amazing surgical extraction of boats and building parts. Hoping rebuilding can commence at earliest possible date and can retain some of the old “charm” of the original with the strength needed to combat those snow loads.

  4. Jimmuh
    Jimmuh says:

    Gotta be more than 25 coats of shiny black epoxy on Batwoman, and there’s still 2 big bubbles underneath….go figure…

  5. Alex
    Alex says:

    Sorry to hear about Tommy. That’s undeserved.

    Re the boats though, I don’t see a single “real” problem here.

    As you write, things are not as bad as feared.

    But even in the case of damaged boats — including the Higgins — all are repairable.

    Re the Corvette. No parts? Find them, find a doner / parts boat, and / or have parts made / fabricated. Just as each of us has had to do at some time with our own boats.

    Yes, this is a pain in the neck, and emotional rough air. But in the big scheme of natural disasters, or life, it’s not that bad. And I’m in no way trivializing Seth’s burden or that of his employees.

    • Ken Miller
      Ken Miller says:

      Malibu’s Tennessee facility is located just up the road from me. I remember when the limited edition Corvettes were done—a big hit at all the boat shows. Still, even though they were limited edition boats, I had friends who had V-drive counterparts with identical components. I wouldn’t think a windshield assembly would be that difficult to locate.

      I’m glad as many survivors made it out if the wreckage as they did. A week ago I would have never expected such.

  6. Mike Thrower
    Mike Thrower says:

    Let me know if the 71ish Correct Craft Martinique is going to be parted out ? I have the same boat and need parts,

  7. donald hardy
    donald hardy says:

    Great coverage Matt. Seth, we know what you will be doing for a couple of years. “Nothing like loving what you do”. We have been following this unfold here at the wood shop. We are impressed on how the boats have survived. Wish all the best and be careful of the rust nails. MBW crew.

  8. MikeM
    MikeM says:

    What is the white w/red fiber classic in the first couple of pics? It looks interesting…..and cool.

    This whole things sucks but the damage is less than I would have guessed after seeing the original pics of the roof. Also lucky that there has been local storage for them.

  9. Tommy
    Tommy says:

    Hey all just to let you know, I went to the hospital last nite and the forearm isnt fractured. There are nerves and tendons were comprimised and its just gonna be sore for a while . All is good at the marina. We have the loader inside cleaning out now, and its alll positive.

  10. Tommy
    Tommy says:

    Oh and as far as storage, A friend has offered up his 20k square foot storage building for free to store all the boats.

    • Cliff
      Cliff says:

      Yo! Tommy! Congratulations on NOT breaking your arm, make sure you do your physical therapy other wise you will have difficulty opening your soda pop bottle or adult beverage of choice! Stay warm out there it’s 23 in Pittsburgh tonight and its heading your way?

  11. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Hope you got a tetnus shot while you were there. I have to believe that with all the splinters and nails blood was drawn.

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