Self Indulgent Day. Hey, The Light Was Great.


Morning light at WoodyBoater Global Headquarters

Yesterday morning , okay all weekend so far has been one of those perfect weather days. Light breeze, flat water in the AM, and Troy showed up late in the afternoon. Boat rides to work, dinner and home in the dark. A complete boating weekend. This is the time of year here to enjoy the best boating of the year. Hands down. And next week is the boat show. Hopefully no hurricanes or other drama …Pandemic, will cause any glitches. In the meantime, I have my iphone, and Morning and afternoon light is the magic hour.

A step back….in time. My commuter boat

Sweet Pea waiting..and peeing,

Killer light

Will be a header this winter for sure

Mr B on morning patrol

Lunch time, thats Troys Tollycraft on the right.

Gonna be a killer sunset, quick lets go. I need to pee, hold on, I need to, I need to do this one more thing.. SUNSETS WAIT FOR NO ONE!

Then out for a quick sunset ride

Sandi and the Boatress discussing something. “I know, he is an idiot, I mean how many boats does on guy need? And those are the ones I know about.. “

Oh! No.. Troy is thinking again..

NO! Troy found the tampon in the tackle box. Old story.. Troy and I are not crazy. Oh we are, but just dont want you to know that. Cant seem to find the old story. It was found in the tackle box of wecatchem when we got it in 2015

NO! NOOOOOOO! What is going on in Troys mind right now.. NOOOOOOOOOO!

Moon over the stack

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  1. Troy at WBGHQ
    Troy at WBGHQ says:

    Hi Bob: Just for you I have a few Suzy quotes.
    (Possibly taken out of context)

    “Troy has the buns!”

    “Help your bride get off.”

    “My wiener just popped out of my bun.”

    You can decide for yourself what kind of a weekend it has been like

  2. Murdock
    Murdock says:

    Uh oh.
    “he is an idiot. I mean, how many boats does one guy need? And those are the ones I know about.”
    That just about covers what my lovely wife thinks about me too.
    She said, “somehow I thought when I let you buy the marina you could live vicariously through others and not need any more boats!”
    I went ahead and replied, digging my hole a bit deeper and said, “you’ve known me for over forty years, just what the hell were you thinking? I just got a bigger playpen!”.
    And now, I’m not allowed to hang around some other husbands as I’m a bad influence. I reply and say if their wives have their collective pairs held that tight at our ages, they’ve all gotten neutered.
    Matt, if our wives ever get together over Happy Hour, we’re doomed………and then they’ll launch their own Boat Widow Survivors Group.

    • Hurricane Hersom leaving Reedville
      Hurricane Hersom leaving Reedville says:

      A little secret.

      That’s not my Tollycraft, I don’t own a boat. They all belong to Sandi. (Just don’t tell her where I keep the titles)

  3. Jeff Funk
    Jeff Funk says:

    Last time I saw Troy & Sandi with their Tollycraft was in Fort Pierce, FL. Happy they had a safe trip! A long boat ride for sure.

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