Some Warm Memories To Warm You Up.

Yup, it’s official, it’s cold outside. No matter where you live, it’s colder than it should be. And yes, even for our friends in Florida. Yikes. Lizards dropping from trees. WTH? I do think that may be one of the signs of the Apocalypse, so we may want t o keep an eye on that one? Or others. One a good note, can those Murder Hornets survive in this?

You need a cold one to keep you warm today

Anyway I digress. And today as I am trapped indoors with the power going off and kicking on about every ten minutes. We do have a generator but it takes a little time to get all the internet back live. BTW, I am okay with that, its far better than what it all could be. AAAAAAND there it goes again. Hold on………. Okay I am back that was about 3 minutes. I am just going to load as manny warm shots as I can, and hit publish. Please share your warm images so we can all sit around the computer and warm our souls.

Fire sky would be nice about now

Bring out your wieners

The warmth of Algonac. Now an ice block

Bask in the warmth of a kind and generous universe.

Mr Enjoying some cooling down

I knew this image would come in handy about now

Summer on the Bay

The warmth of frienship

OKay I give up. I have been updateing this post between power failers for over an hr. Post some in the comment section, we need some universal warmth.