Splash Down – Phil Andrew Meets The Arabian And It’s 17,000 Miles Of Smiles.

blue Arabian drop

Bob Kays captures the moment we have seen time and time again at Katzs Marina

After about an entire year, the day is here, the moment of truth. Phil has arrived form New Zealand and ready to enjoy a weekend of being judged at one of the nations toughest competitions. The Lake Hopatcong Show. This is the oldest ACBS clubs out there, and very very competitive. How will the Arabian do?

Here FB

Transom part

Over 50 boats are expected at the show. The weather is perfect and so are the boats. Its a sport here, and there is a bright blue new boat here ready to make a wave!

phil in boat

Phil waving!

Stay tuned for photos and reports through out the week. We plan on burning up a data card or two!  Photo shoot this morning with Classic boating Magazine, and then off to the big show with Phil and the Katzs Gang!

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Congratulations Phil!

    Darn if I left right now I could be there for this afternoons festivities.

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