Stinky’s First Last Gasp! Chris-Craft 16′ Special Racer Photos


Hell ya! Go Stinky go, spew your stink in the drink! Boatress Photo

Yesterday turned out to be a spectacular day here in Reedville Virginia in the 70’s. Fellow Woody Boater and pal Clif Aimes came buy and helped me install new points and other stuff on Stinky. By the way those old small distributors are very tricky. Yikes.  I also through in a new bilge pump so we could not worry if she takes on too much water. The good news is we got her running and she is still running a tad rough, but who cares, its nice out and we have all winter to make her run smooth.


We got her to the dock. NO WATER in the bilge. OK maybe a drop or two-ish

Right now time is tick’n. Lets GO! The Boatress took the wheel of WECATCHEM for these shots.


Past my favorite boat house


OK, Clif was def chill’n behind the wheel, of an unknown situation


She is look’n good – The plan was to get here out for a photo shoot.


Clif at the helm, heck ya! Runn’n OK ish


Heading out to the Great Wicomico


Maybe the photo shoot is the trip to the photo shoot




More tak’n it easy!

Then we stopped and tried a couple shots.


Lookn great. But we aint hunt’n.


Not the best location. So I hopped in and tried to take her out further.




OK, thats better. Boatress photo


For the record, this little stinker is a BLAST TO DRIVE! Boatress Photo


OK, the water is not as flat as I thought and the light SUCKS!


Reverse, no forward, now reverse. Get me to my camera


Woohooo! Funny, these boats look large until you see a person next to them. photo The Boatress

Then we set her adrift and took the glamor shots that we will of course over use because its all we have.


Sides done, bottom close, we may leave the deck and interior rough? Name on transom is going to be Aluminum next week.


Flags a fly’n


She looks better than she smells


We set her adrift and just went around in a circle.


This is from the other side as a reference. Towards the sun. Ugh. But gave a cool look.


Lots of history in the area, On land and water


Perfect day, perfect time, and best of all, she didn’t sink or break down.

Did you have a great last gasp weekend? Send in your photos. Or I will have to show more Stinky shots. OK, that just sounds strange.

Also a huge shout out to your official last gasp sponsor Hagerty Marine Insurance, who reminds us all that half of all claims happen out of the water. is your policy updated?

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Looking good!

    Camp got winterized yesterday. Before pulling Mom’s Sea Doo I got a last gasp of this unfortunate situation. Hope they at least pull it out before the lake freezes.

    I also had a nice visit with Dr. VP. JLJAM. (VP of the CCABC BTW)

  2. Jack
    Jack says:

    Not ready for a last gasp on Lake Lanier. We wWill go out this weekend in the 48 Shepherd. Last year we were out in early December. Hope it the same this year.

  3. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    got my winter enclosure installed on the Scout 30… last gaspin for me…….the fun season is just starting…planning a long cruise……Going Boating!

    Great pics of stinky on a truly fine day on the Chesapeake!

    John in Va.

  4. Mark
    Mark says:

    First last gasp for Rocketman yesterday as well. Got the idle tuned in at 500 RPMs and was going to play with the timing and get some high speed runs in but there were white caps on the lake here as well.
    Got home and got the oil changed and block drained. Just need to pump in the anti freeze and mop the bilge.

  5. Don Vogt
    Don Vogt says:

    Matt, great shots.

    I am a little puzzled by the “proud” chine near the bow. Generally, they were not exposed like that in cc construction. I looked at some pictures of others, like Matt byrne’s, etc. and they seem to follow the standard cc construction. This leads me to believe that possibly the bottom was rebuilt at some point in a non-standard way?

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      Its part of the fiberglassing that was done in the 1950’s and not stock. Its strange and need to work around it. I did the best I could with the boot stripe. It def gets wonky. My guess is that it covers a seam of fiberglass. The entire boat has little issues like this, that if you fix one, you unleash the worms. Like the transom should be mahogany. No way am I getting into that mess. I will say though, based on how fun she is, I can see opening the can of worms one day. Maybe. Its small enough to try and restore on day myself years from now. But? Half the fun, OK, wait, most of the fun on this boat is not doing stuff on her and seeing where that takes us.

      • Don Vogt
        Don Vogt says:

        Absolutely, Matt. What the hell, enjoy it now for what it is. a great find. when you get rich you can hire someone to redo the whole thing if you like. It is amazing that it runs and floats after all these years.

      • Mark
        Mark says:

        That looks very much like my spray rail for my 1953 CC Rocket which rides on top of the chine for most of the way aft.

  6. Wudzgud
    Wudzgud says:

    Matt, Stinky looks GR.R.REAT!, as Tony The Tiger would say. Can you tell what I am having for breakfast? I have a grin from ear to ear looking at the pictures. Looks like a lot of fun was had. Hey, where is that racing helmet? And that life jacket? It doesn’t do any good hanging on the wall. Hope Stinky has many more last gasps.

  7. Tuobanur
    Tuobanur says:

    This could be the last splash (on the Edisto River) but I’m still hoping for one more. Spent this past weekend at the amazing Georgetown Wooden Boat Show (out of the water) great weather and great host.

  8. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Craig Miller of Cumming, Ga owns it This is the bottom replacement in progress a while ago on it.

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