Stolen 16’ Chris Craft 1936 Barrel Back Special Race Boat

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The following is from fellow WoodyBoater Jack Beatley. He is, as you might imagine from reading this, rather upset. The boat was stolen from a house that was on the market out of the garage. Needless to say, the sad truth is that it may wind up in a cheap sale type deal, or worse online in parts. The rare flathead 8 may be the reason it was stolen. This is a one of a kind original condition treasure. It is very well known in the Ohio area as a racer and has a wonderful history. Please be on the lookout and report anything you can to the numbers below. We will update with images as soon as we get them. For those of you that are unclear of what this boat may look like. Here are several images of other ones…. And a model….You can also see like it on on Mitch LaPointes site. Here… They are a one seater small Barrel Back. This one is in a natural finish .. Most of them are red white and blue like on the Nelson Boatworks banner on the right hand side of this site.

Stolen 16’ Chris Craft Barrel Back Special Race Boat 1936

Special identifying features:

1. Hull #42044

2. HIN #082-47091-F835

3. Ohio boat registration number OH 4187-AK

4. Engine #F-10AB3850

5. Natural Varnish special ordered hull only by original owner

6. Gauges individual in dash, no panel

7. Steering on left side – black wheel, originally red

8. Ford flathead engine, Sandusky gear marine transmission

9. Two model 92 twin downdraft Stromberg carburetors protruding through deck hatches – cut out crude for clearance

10. Red upholstery, 2nd seat with deck hatch – large chrome thumb turns for locks

11. Four bear claw vents on decks, factory rigged Chris Crafts only have two.

12. Wind shield brackets are early post-war deluxe (finger pincher style)

13. Throttle lever on left side of driver cockpit, not on steering wheel.

14. 18’ dual axle Custom Haul trailer brown/maroon in color, chrome rims, pipe style bow stop.

15. Polished rudder and propeller

16. Currently no name on transom

17. Red bottom paint

$2,000 reward for the arrest and conviction

Please contact Jack:

614-571-4155 (cell) 614-294-7067 (office)

Or Dublin Police: 614-410-4800 Case #09-4771

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    To the thief:

    Call one of the numbers and tell them where the boat is. This boat only has value to her owner. To remove identification numbers or to modify her would distroy her value to you to and anybody else. This is not the only website that tells of the theft so there are literally thousands of folks worldwide looking for her. You will be caught if you approach anybody who may be interested in her.

    So, do the right thing and let her owner know where he can find her NOW. Otherwise, there will be tens of thousands of us looking for you and we WILL find you. Call right now or go to jail.

  2. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    The sad truth is that who ever stole the boat, has no idea what they have. And therefore would never read the boat buzz or WoodyBoater. I am hopeing that the thief felt that the boat was left behind in a house sale and wanted it. He should just drop the boat off at the house with a note on it. Had a great time on the lake. Sorry!

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    From WHERE was the boat stolen? Also, ensure that the police enter the boat's loss into the FBI's NCIS. That way there is a nation-wide notice that the boat is stolen should anyone come across it.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Sad thing is it could have been almost any of us. Well maybe not you criuser guys. We should also keep an eye on e-bay for anyone selling 60,000 pens.

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Whom ever took this boat has made a huge mistake and will find out this will not be easy to unload. Hopfully the boat will somehow find it way back. We will keep an eye out.

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