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B&W photo was sent by Mike Fogarty of the Indian Lake ACBS. We were able to examine it closely and note the details. With that distinctive Gar Wood-esque swoop on the front, as well as the handles and other details, we were pretty sure that was Jim’s boat. Dave Ramsey

We have a new term for the Woody Boater dictionary. Story Surfing. It’s what happens when you go beyond milking, and the good stuff keeps coming. And such is the case from yesterday. Fellow Woody boater Jim Hawver, chimed in with one of his collection of stuff. You all have no idea how much I love it when this happens. THIS, is why I do Woody Boater. Ahhhhhhhhh. Sorry Mr B.. Here is jims story.


Back in the early 90s  I was chasing A 1950s Davis E-Service Race Boat located in Washington PA at Engles Holiday Harbor Marina. After making the deal on the boat with Bill Engle Sr. He asked me if I had an interest in the original Gray Racing Fireball Motor located in another building. Yes and off we went to have a look. In that building was the 26ft Triple up against the back wall along with a Ford Model A and lots of inboard motors.  My true words ( WHAT THE HELL IS THAT). Old Bill said, That’s a DART. I had to ask, Is that for Sale? Mr Engle said, I’m in my 80s, It’s been sitting there for over 30 years and you are the first person to ask that question? Bill said it was a Ride Boat of Indian Lake Ohio.

All hardware was there and had the 225 Kermath Motor. One picture of me loading the boat. Just one short plank missing. I had it restored and powered it with a 454 motor. Why, Back then I got a price to restore the Kermath that was more then what I paid for the boat. I was smart enough to keep the Kermath to stay with the boat. The Dart was used in NY on the Fingerlakes on Keuka Lake. At 77 years old I haven’t  had the dart in the water in a few years. Still playing with those Race Boats.   Check those extra Grab Handles on the Engine Hatch. Add On’s so riders could sit on the Hatches.

Those Hatches

WOW! You really get an idea of how cool these rides would have been

I love that graphic accent

Lets go for a ride. In a couple months..

STAY TUNED, Maybe someone will have another wave of stuff for us to Story Surf some more…… Greg! Email me, dont waste it on a comment. Wink knod!

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  1. Mark in Ohio ( today in Florida)
    Mark in Ohio ( today in Florida) says:

    I can’t believe I’m up before Greg. Cool story. Surfing pays off sometimes.

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    What a find. That is what WoodyBoater dreams are made of!
    Well Jim, the big question since she hasn’t been in the water in a few years. Is she for sale? I’m sure she is longing to get wet again.

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    WOW this has to be the BEST winter series EVER!!!

    Dang there is sooooo much here.

    1) These Darts are cool as hell! Didn’t know much about them before. Keep the “Story Surfing” going!

    2) Keuka Lake is m-fine’s lake.

    3) “I’m sure she is longing to get wet again.” Best comment EVER!!!

    • Greg Lewandowski
      Greg Lewandowski says:

      Wow Troy. Talk about being taken out of context. I will have to be more careful in the future!

      • Ron in Seattle
        Ron in Seattle says:

        Surf’s Up!
        Great series, will there be a book, a TV series or a movie?
        I thought Troy would post a wet T-shirt…

  4. Greg Wallace on Indian Lake
    Greg Wallace on Indian Lake says:

    If Jim ever decides to let her go I sure hope he will give us a chance to bring her home. That white swoop on the bow was common on a number of Wallace boats…..who knows…just maybe?

  5. briant
    briant says:

    Ok the Dart is damn cool, but I am sorry, I just cannot get past this idea that many people thought buzzing about in beautiful long wood boats with props inches away from hundred of stumps in a lake (Indian Lake) barely five feet in depth, that, that this was a good idea. Who are all of these “devil may care, I don’t give a rat’s butt” people?

    Christ, I do not like really buzzing around in our local big river, despite it being very deep in most places, for fear of ripping off the prop, rudder and even the bottom. I can only really relax up at the lake we go to, which is hundreds of feet deep.

    And yet, here are many people zooming about in a shallow pond with these, let’s face it, pretty large pleasure crafts. Amazing.

    • Jim Hawver
      Jim Hawver says:

      It has the Splash Rails. I Took those off and the chrome rub rails off during a touch up restoration. Just haven’t finished getting them back on. Jim

    • Mark in Ohio ( today in Florida)
      Mark in Ohio ( today in Florida) says:

      Back in the day. You boated where you could when you could. Before roads were good, and boat trailers were non existent or very crude. Also before dam projects created more man made lakes. Weekenders made good use of these lakes. They knew where the stumps were and were not, and went boating. This was boating Ohio style in the 30s 40s 50s 60 and even the early 70s before stump removal projects. With the exception of Lake Erie or the Ohio river. thats the way it was. Living life on the edge!

  6. Toby Hall
    Toby Hall says:

    1) I saw that boat, soon after Jim brought it back. I remember it being big and extremely cool! One of my favorite parts about it was it had a cigar lighter! A cigar lighter in my boat is a goal that I have yet to achieve.
    2) Keuka is my lake too.

    • Jim Hawver
      Jim Hawver says:

      Toby, If you remember, The Cigar Lighter Had a Recoil cord attached to the lighter. Bad news it only reached the second cockpit.

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