Sunday Was A Day Of Getting Ready For Winter!


I am getting to old for this!

That’s it, I am out! I tried to push it, and the 50 degree days are still OK, but not fun long rides, and the tides are getting a tad wonky. As in, the low tides make pulling the boat out. We are also headed into some low temps at night.

Lets Go for one last ride!


At Jimmys barn



This Sunday we had frost on the deck, so! That was that. What we didnt realize is how bad the varnish was on WECATCHEM, YIKES! Good thing she is headed up to Katzs Marina for a total refresh.


Engine Out!

While were at it we also yanked the engine on Stinky since no matter what we do she runs like she smells. So she is also headed up to Van Ness so he can bless it with his magic hands!

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  1. Tuobanur
    Tuobanur says:

    Since WECAUGHTHIM is down for varnish you can pull the engine out of her put it in Stanky and still have a ride for the good days

  2. Kevin F
    Kevin F says:

    How old is the varnish? What kind did you apply last? I keep my boat uncovered most of the time since it is used most days, so I am curious about different varnishes.

    • don vogt
      don vogt says:

      Lots of restorers swear by epiphanes, Kevin. Leaving a boat uncovered exposes the varnish to deterioration by ultraviolet light. Aside from what it does to the look of the boat, if there arent sufficient layers of varnish, ultraviolet rays will begin to affect the color of the finish. Then in order to fix that , one would need to take the boat completely down to bare wood and start over. Ideally if a boat starts out with about 20 coats on the wood, and it is covered when not used, some maintenance coat can be added, say every five years. some people varnish every year but that requires removal of all the hardware, etc. more often.

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Matt you are missing out on half the fun by not doing the varnish yourself. WECATUM is a big boat, but she is not too complex and would give you a lot of satisfaction (or possibly frustration) when completed.

    Kevin F. IMHO, for what is is worth, Pettit Flagship.

  4. Matt
    Matt says:

    The varnish is over 10 years old! We never refreshed it when we bought it last year. It’s under cover 99% of he time and washed off after wash run. . I swear buy Pettit products. Btw the Katz finish is also Pettit. I have used epifanes and well. Our statement about Pettit says it all. Wecatchem is going to go down to her wood since she needs much more than varnish

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