Super Spontaneous Sport Road Trip.

Headed North

On Monday I got a call from Jimmy who has been trying to get parts for his 431 Lincoln Engine. Manafold, Heads etc. The engine in Scarlet is fine, but blew a manifold and while it was apart etc. But finding such a part, let alone a 431 Lincoln Engine is a trick and a half.

431 Lincoln Engine ready to be taken apart.

Thats one cool ass engine!

So, Jimmy bought two. Thanks to Seth Katzs at Katzs Marine, who happened to have two in stock. Of course one was attached to a killer 1965 Super Sport, so of course that came home with us.

1965 Super Sport w/ 431 Lincoln Engine

Stock Mustang wheel. Love this detail

Of course there was lots of catching up to do, drool to expel, and dreaming of a possible new purchase.

A barrel back getting a refinish

4 coats, 10 more to go

This 17 1958 Cavalier is calling me big time. Bone stock, KFL engine. Runs like a sewing machine and get this. NOT ONE DROP OF WATER. If you want a fun user boat for the kids and then show it, this is a perfect starter boat as well. Call the folks at Katzs and ask.

The Century

In the booth.

Another Super Sport and rare Grand Prix Here is a link to the Grand Prix for sale. #1

And back to that Cavalier. Ugh, still hasnt even been cleaned. Very fresh barn find.

One of the most fun part of the trip though is always the trip and the ability to drop everything and go. That is the true luxury of life. Its a 5 hr drive to NJ so we left at as Jimmy says it. O’Dark Thirty as in 4:31 AM on the dot, we got to the marina around 9:30 and were loaded and headed back south by 11. A full day of Woodyness!

Thats one HUGE engine.

So, now that Jimmy is set with 2, 431 Lincoln Engines, or 4 Manafolds and 4 heads, two 4 barrels etc. The Super Sport will be re-powered with a brand new 350 Jimmy just rebuilt. It’s a nice user boat and will be a hoot to play with for the rest of the season. The best boating in the area is just ahead of us. September and October are perfect in Virginia. We pull our boats in Late November.

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  1. Greg Wallace
    Greg Wallace says:

    If the Grand Prix pictured is , in fact, the one and only with the blonde stripes down the transom, I enjoyed driving it at its coming out party. Chris Craft Dealer meeting, summer of 67, Finger Lakes, New York.

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Why not repower Scarlet with a more common and reliable big block? If she is not a show boat, it doesn’t seem worth the Lincoln headaches and expense.

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    That was a long conversation and a serious option. but the boat is close to flawless, and the 431 is very rare and part of the texture that makes Scarlet cool. Most of these models came with small blocks and twin engines. This one has the third seat, top and the very cool wheel. So if possible keep the boat original. Also the 431 is still a very very reliable strong engine. The manafolds are all part of just routene maintence. To be honest I have thought the same thing for WECATCHEM, but the Parigon transmission is AMAZING and nothing like a flat head rumble.

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      I would agree with you on Wecatchem, but a flat head Herc is a different beast than a MEL 430 and the 25 is in another class from the 24. Also, I am not sure how I feel about doing an engine swap on a supersport to have a spares pool for the 24 sportsman. Definitely not an easy decision either way.

  4. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    The steering wheel on my ’67 Super Sport is a Ford Falcon Sprite. Looks like the early Mustang wheel but the mounting bracket is different. I bought two Mustang wheels before I figured it out by prying off the Chris-Craft emblem.

    • Brian Flaherty
      Brian Flaherty says:

      Our ’69 Cavalier Ski Boat came with the original wheel but missing the chrome horn ring. I went to several car shows before I saw a 1965 Mustang with the same wheel! I asked the owner if I could test fit his horn ring, he looked at me like I was crazy then he took it off his car!! It was a perfect fit! So I bought a “mustang” horn ring on eBay and it again was perfect!

      What does the Falcon Sprint wheel look like??

        • Brian Flaherty
          Brian Flaherty says:

          So they look the same but use different connection hardware?

          I have been on the hunt for one of the 1965 bright red mustang wheels ever since I saw this one at a car show! Wouldn’t be original but it would complete the red on red on red interior of our bright red Cavalier!!

  5. AE Carter
    AE Carter says:

    you really need a spell check for Christmas. spotaneous spontaneous, manafold manifold. it hurts to read your blog sometimes. Just being honest, don’t shooot tha massager

  6. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Love you guys, You are off the rails, Just the inspiration to increase the Lyman fleet to 128′ from 103′, need something for Lake Michigan. As Always Thank You

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