Sweet 18 Sportsman Sells For $6,590

soldTODAY in a feeding frenzy of snipers on ebay, the sweet 18 featured last Thursday, jumped from $3,900 to $6300 until the last couple seconds and then $6590 for the kill. Well played! Well played indeed.  It was actually a very entertaining 3 minutes watching and knowing there were about 10 grown men sweating over a bid again button. Yes we know there are Apps for such a thing, but the fun is in the drama and setting up the bid and waiting until the last mila-second and slamming a big number at it.. Only to find out someone else’s big number beats you. And scrambling to re bid. Dang!

So who was the big Winner. All of us! She will be out on the water one day and doing what she was brought to this earth to do. Her wood, grown with this in mind, Her engine forged and built for this reason, all of it, down to the fonts on the gauges. And now, some lucky so and so from Rhode Island is gonna have to make a Hale Mary drive to South Carolina. And we are all jealous!

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  1. Wudzgud
    Wudzgud says:

    Yes! WoodyBoater will live on, seeing that it is not headed to Reedville, VA.
    I bid on it but went past my top end and the trailer might not make 1524 mile round trip.

  2. Bob Smith
    Bob Smith says:

    Me too! Somebody really wanted it and I’m happy for them.
    I ran a close second down to 36 seconds!

  3. Cheri
    Cheri says:

    …ten grown men and one winner, who happens to be a lady. At least I try to be, most of the time.

    She’s coming to Rhode Island, boys. Where she’ll see salt water for the first time, as she makes her maiden voyage around Block Island sometime next spring. Or this fall. Or whenever I can eek enough cumulative extra hours out of Captain Kelly’s calendar to get ‘er done. He’s on the water from May through December, but this man loves a restoration project, especially one with such provenance and a feel-good vibe. We’ll be sure to post some highlights of the process. Thanks to Matt for tipping us off to the listing, and to all of your candor, for making this so much more fun.

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