Sweet Pea Is Floating. But Big Bubba Is Having Electrical Issues. AND Troy May Show Up! WTH?



Yesterday one of the best guys in the area Charlie Biddlecomb from Marine Installations came by and installed two new bilge pumps, new fuse panel and wires. Dang! Problem one solved. as it keeping up with the flow. Next, this morning, she is going up on the Railway.. I know a guy who could squeeze me in. And we will most likely tighten up the keel. I am also going to clean and paint the bottom a new color. YES! All this right before a boat show next week. She may even still be on the rail. But thats all part of the Railway experience. Boats on the rail add to the vibe for sure. Funny, I see them as a part of a painting, being painted. I know folks in the area wonder if I am sane. But hey. I am happy, and at my age, thats mission number one for me.

Big Bubba and Stinky

Big Bubba? What? Who? Big Bubba is my 1958 Apache truck we have owned for around 28 years. HE NEVER HAS LET ME DOWN. Never until recently he has been having some “Issues” electrical shut off issues. I have replaced Coil, condesor, all of that stuff, and he works great, and then BAM off. I could blame Covid and supply management issues. Maybe its the Chinese? Or a Russian hacking of Big Bubbas electrical system. YA, thats it. He is a Bommer, and kinda involved in the cold war period. And well. Natasha and Boris..

He is headed this way… Who wants a hug? Come on.

Okay, I am done now. Gotta go see if Sweet Pea is floating. And a possible Troy visit today. He is close. I can feel it. Troy is on a voyage and in the Chesapeake Bay. So a visit is gonna happen, and belly whacking will ensue. BELLY WHACKING!

The newest addition, The Fire Pit. No shortage of old wood to burn

Fall nights ahead!

Just another day at HQ. A fire pit. What could possibly go wrong?

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  1. Syd
    Syd says:

    It’s all a ploy. I heard for the show that for the small sum of 20.00. That you can get the full experience at certain boat yard you get a brush and a can of paint and enjoy the experience of painting a boat

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    A pending visit from Troy is like watching the hurricane tracks and realizing the chance that the path will change has passed and you are the bullseye. Good luck!!!!

  3. john Rothert
    john Rothert says:

    I sure wish I could meet again for dinner with Troy and you guys but right now my week old new right knee needs some time on the railway and George type attention. This bitch HURTS guys…still on norcotic though less…but wow. Aient there some 5200 for this or some varnish based potion to down??? Ahhhhhh.
    Home health nurse coming to torture me at 11 am…I would rather pull off a garboard and find rot.
    At my age…rot is the future!! John in Va. Venting

    • floyd r turbo
      floyd r turbo says:

      And next you have the dreaded physical therapy. But take it on like you would facing an encroaching storm on the sea, head on. You’ll want that functionality for the future mobility in spite of the pain you’ll endure through the process. Here’s to a speedy and less painful recovery John.

    • Dick Dow
      Dick Dow says:

      I’m more concerned about the proximity of the umbrella to the fire pit… 😉 John – I hope you have one of those pulsing coolers for your knee! My wife has had both replaced and those things are a life/pain saver, well worth the cost!

  4. john Rothert
    john Rothert says:

    Thanks to all who let me hijack the site and moan about knees…not bent knees, maybe bouble sawn for sure, but a bitch any way you float it. Because I/we are old as dirt our Uncle is going to pay whatever part of the 230K + bill he can negotiate…what a great deal/country. Now days there is a sort of comfort contest between hospitals…mine was FIVE STAR. They give you the arm crutches AND the water/ice circulator thing. Food was great. Doc, nurses and etc outstanding. But as Floyd reminds….suck it up and DO THE EXECRISES or pay down the creek…Going Boating eventually!
    thanks to All…sorry to miss Troy and Sandi.

    John in VA.

  5. Troy at WBGHQ
    Troy at WBGHQ says:


    Made it into the railway after a long ride down the bay!

    John hope you are feeling better, and I know what you really mean is “Sorry to miss Sandi”. It’s OK I am used to that.

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