Take The Classic Boat Hagerty Survey Or Die!


The boat used in the banner for the survey was “found” unfinished and in boathouse in Detroit 3 -4 years ago. It is identified as 1936 Custom Commuter. Man oh man, with that combo of Michigan water, varnish and killer lines.. makes you want to take a survey ..doesn't it?

Yea, that got your attention.. Don’t take the survey for the $500 bribe.. Don’t take it to vent your frustration with west system vs 5200 bottoms. Take it for one simple reason. To make the passion of Antique & Classic boating better for you. Thats right, ya can’t complain if you have not … well complained or spoken your piece. And now is the time. Right now. 15-20 minutes of your time. In the time it takes you to get your boat started you can spread the cheer of your opinion to the rest of the world. Hagerty is sponsoring this, its not about insurance. Its about knowing more…Without knowing how you feel, the hobby dies,and we all have to start collecting rubber rafts… Wait.. Rubber boater… No.. Not me Mr..  Sitting there in your deck chair with two steal balls rolling in your hand old Capt Bligh? paranoid about the world knowing your feelings. have a tracking devise stuck in your teeth that aliens can read your mind with.. Then you may not want to take it. but for the rest of us. It a must. So click here. or on the banner or on the header. And enjoy the moment. If you win the $500 donate it to Woodys for Boobies.. Or not..At least toss ole Woody Boater the credit for doing it. Questions like. how did you find out about this survey.. Answer. Woody boater. Who is the god of all classic boating.. Answer.. Woody Boater… Who cant spell and despite being a goof still has a smoken hot wife? Woody Boater… Oh it goes on and on.. and on………….

and on…..

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  1. matt
    matt says:

    Quite your wining…. Its for a good cause.. the questions dig deep into the hobby and thus will help.

  2. matt
    matt says:

    Well, then it only takes 5 minutes…the other 10 are to ponder.. I took it in 20 or so, but I felt like I had helped the hobby.

  3. Frank Miklos
    Frank Miklos says:

    I actually took it yesterday… I have not yet started to complain about you… I got an email from the ACBS about it Mon 4/4/2011 9:34 AM… You are so behind the times….

  4. matt
    matt says:

    hahaha, well, we wanted to test the banner, then today and see the difference. We need everyone to do this so we can get a pulse on the hobby so things can work smoother and we all know whats working and whats not.

  5. Rick
    Rick says:

    Unfortunately there was no question about whether we own an OGP boat. Would give a good indication of how many are really out there.

  6. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    I did the survey and thought it solicited information on some important topics. It was well conceived and the questions relevant, so why not contribute an opinion? I am already a customer of theirs so I don’t have to worry about being marketed to any more than I already am.

  7. Chris
    Chris says:

    Come on….give us the skinny….too much? too long? What we hope to do is start to establish a baseline for our lifestyle/hobby…are we growing, sinking, values up, down, do we use it or not…….??? And Matt wants the most responses to come from WoodyBoater…..so have at it!!

    • Al Benton
      Al Benton says:

      Chris, the survey was comprehinsive but was possibly a little misleading for some who have more than one boat. Some questions beg for answers on one boat and another question may relate closer to another boat. So now it’s a mix of replies that don’t pertain to the same boat from beginning to end.

      I saw the survey both on Boat Buzz and on ACBS,s E-Newsletter yesterday. I clicked on the Boat Buzz one to take it but does it really matter? Couldn’t get Woody Boater to come up all day yesterday.

    FRANCHINI says:

    Took the survey, but the rest of you shouldn’t so I have a better chance at the $500!

    Would love to see a story on the Commuter. I remember the story in Classic Boating when to boat was found and sold. It turned out to be a fantastic looking boat!

  9. matt
    matt says:

    please take it several times Frank.. you can take it as different people.. That was just the Frank version..

  10. matt
    matt says:

    If you fill it out again.. does that increase your odds.. Might be worth the time? You double your chances for a 500 set of trailer tires

  11. matt
    matt says:

    Yes, I noted that in my comments area. Its very disappointing. And there are so many of us.. 5 last count.. and growing

  12. mfine
    mfine says:

    Bill Basler’s post on Boat Buzz beat you to the punch. I think I gave you some credit as the best website to go to when researching historical information on boat babes.

    BTW, was it me or did the survey suggest any boat that was 25 years old was a classic, but then when asking which kinds you owned, there was no choice for classic glass? Yeah I know they are not as kewl as wood, but I think they are great to keep around for the guests to use.

  13. matt
    matt says:

    I would like it noted in the records that of the 120 clicks we got yesturday on the survay compared to the boat buzz..19.. cue the crickets.. That actually we got 121 and boat buzz got 18.. Not that it matters.

  14. Wilson Wright
    Wilson Wright says:

    But if Frank takes the survey several different times as different people we’ll end up with a survey much like the Boating magazine calendar girl contest and never know what the right answers are…By the way did they ever announce the results of that contest ??? Looked like Miss Chris Craft was way out front the last time I checked.

  15. Dr.Dennis Spillane
    Dr.Dennis Spillane says:

    Wow! That’s my boat on the survey! Thanks Chris and Carla at Haggerty. I took the survey so I could go back to thinking of enjoying the carribean clear water on Torch Lake, Michigan where these pictures were taken. Please, everyone, for the sake of our hobby, give Haggerty “props” for the support they provide at boat shows and exhibitions. Please take 15 minutes and complete their survey. Thanks.

    Dr. Dennis Spillane

  16. matt
    matt says:

    That’s one very tasty boat. I loved it at the acbs show as well. Torch lake is one of the most amazing places on this planet. You have the best on the best.. Ditto on the survey!

  17. mark edmonson
    mark edmonson says:

    Matt Send me the banner for when you had the Doc baot on it I would like print it off. Thanks

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