The trailer is a master peice

Now I am stumped. According to fellow Woody Boater Mike Mayer or Lake Oswego Boat Comapany. He has found in his files another Thayer IV. Now, upon close inspection, it appears to be slightly different that the one seen on film. But time and restorations along the line can change some things. It is wood. And is a boat. But, it looks a tad off.

I am so into this trailer.

We have consulted Pat Curtin and he says. This guy is full of crap. OK Pat didn’t say that. But I bet he would. Ken Miller is trying to defend it, but it just is to far gone for even Ken. Anonymous in ? is still wondering why we need to take shots at 1802 regardless of the fact that we havn’t.

The dash is amost a dead match. To something..

And the current owner, who we don’t know I am sure thinks its the real deal because the guy that sold it to him said it was it. by the way, it was running when it went into the barn 20 years ago, and was just varnished…20 years ago.. All the makings of a fun boat. Thanks Mike. All kidding aside, it is a very cool boat and a worthy project. No listing on it, it was just in Mikes files. And things were getting boring here..

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  1. anonymus
    anonymus says:

    Thayer Smayer. Mail Boat is much more interesting at this point. Maybe I will paint Thayer on the back of my pickup when I sell it because you know it was in a movie.

  2. Dave P
    Dave P says:

    Don’t think Pat will be chiming in here, I believe Pat has left the building! But I hope to see him back here!!!

  3. mfine
    mfine says:

    I am pretty sure that was the boat used to film Jane’s sex scenes. The scenes were cut from the final film which is why you don’t recognize that hull.

  4. Texx
    Texx says:

    I love that trailer garnish, can’t help but wonder what they were drinkin’ or smokin’ when they had the vision to dress it up that way… Was it entered in a parade down main street on the 4th of July?

    When you install the outboard motor does the name change to “Th/ IV”

  5. Faye
    Faye says:

    DOUG…. bite your tongue! How can you possibly advocate firewood when a wooden boat has survived so long and finally has someone to love it? If you decide to throw it away, please throw it my way! It may never get the help it needs but it will have company. I know you were kidding, no one of this page would really mean firewood. Hmmmm wonder what that boat really is. They actually did build boats just to destroy them for movies. Ask Kyle Barton of Barton Boat Works. He built some for a movie just a few years ago.

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