The Blue Arabian Starts It’s Long Voyage Home


Headed home.

The Amazing Blue Century Arabian prototype is headed home to her new home port. Wellington New Zealand. The good folks at Katzs Marina yesterday loaded her up in her special state room to start her journey.




Seth at the Fork Lift. If anyone is gonna mess up. Its best its him.


In her new cabin


Lets tei her down

The trip will take around 2 to three months, and then be back in the loving hands of Fellow Woody boater Phil Andrews who has spent over a year waiting for the magic moment when she is where she is supposed to be. With someone who loves her. Phil has also been building a special Century luxury apartment for her and her new Siblings. An amazing Palomino and Newer Arabian.


Straps and more straps


Here a strap, there a strap, everywhere a strap strap


Oh Phil!


Inches to spare. ooooooof!


Stunning photo – Thanks Jara for some fantastic photos.


The cool part of all this is how vast yet small our special community is. Here we are literally half away around the globe and yet the trust of a very personal restoration and dream has all come to fruition. Yes, I had to google fruition. Amazing. We have the internet to thank for all this, and great people who all trust each other and stand by there word. That is what this community is at its best and why we are proud to be a small part of it all. Take it all in Phil, your baby is headed home!


Thar she is


One door closes and another opens.. Across the ocean.


Next time that door is opened is in New Zealand!




Her security tag!

Stay tuned for updates when she arrives home. OK, thats so next year!

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    • dreed
      dreed says:

      I noticed that also. but thanks for covering the story for us Texx. I cant wait for parts two and three!

  1. Scott Mason
    Scott Mason says:

    I’m a fellow wood boat owner, woodyboat follower and finally a longshoreman that drives the cranes that load the containers I never think much about what is in the containers. Looks to me like lashing should handle the perils of ocean shipping.

    • Philip Andrew
      Philip Andrew says:

      Scott if you see that container, handle it with great care for me please. Its always an anxious time waiting 3 months and all the while thinking about that precious cargo making its way across the seas.

      • Brian Mortimore
        Brian Mortimore says:

        Phillip, thank you for sharing your boat with us. I didn’t get to see it in person but sure enjoyed reading all about it and hope you’ll share more photos in the future.
        Brian (’47 Seamaid)

      • Scott Mason
        Scott Mason says:

        Not sure the port in NZ where you are taking delivery, however if it is in Wellington or Aukland I could talk to my brothers and sisters there. I have visited both ports over the last couple of years. Scott

  2. tommyholm
    tommyholm says:

    Thanks Phil for restoring the Century Arabian, you two are pure Thoroughbreds. But, I thought you were going to drive her home!

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