The Chris Craft Utility Used As The Image Boat For U22 Month.

After close to a month long slog through the U22 world out there. One boat keeps coming back to haunt me. It’s actually the feature boat on our mast head this month as well as the image boat for the U22athon at the Antique Boat Center. It’s a magnificent 1940 Utility named Encore. Woody Boater Bob Robertson had purchased it in nice shape and upped the anti with a rebuilt motor, new 5200 bottom and some wood work like a middle seat…. 1940.. This is the year for me. Blue gauges, cool bow, full cutwater, and that very cool clunky Utility on the side. The killer photos taken by Don Ayers only add to the fantasy… What a glorious day out in California that must have been. Encore is for sale and ready to go. Trust me I have tried every idea on this one… but … with a kid in collage and another about to go, only trades are in the cards for me these days. And no one is in a trading mood for a Barrel Back with cash….So she is all yours.. click here and enjoy the utilityness of it all.Here are some photos of Encore from some years back thanks to Jim Staib of Fine Wood Boats you can see the whicker chairs that have since been removed and replaced by a seat. .

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