The First Boat Launch Of The Season On Lake Hopatcong!


It's says it's spring on the calender.. but. Ouch that must be a chilly ride

Now it’s SPRING. Early this afternoon the first Chris-Craft of the season was launched at Katz’s marina on Lake Hopatcong in New Jersey.

This 1958 Runabout Deluxe is being brought to Lake Dora in 10 days. “We felt it fit that we take the boat for a short ride being that half the cove has been cleared out of all of its ice!” Alex Kays, from Katz;s Marina…I LOVE IT!

I don't care how cold it is. i would jump in the water right now for a ride. Woohooo SHRIKAGE!

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  1. Bob Kays
    Bob Kays says:

    You can’t see it in the pics, but there were spring snow flurries at the same time. Love it!!

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