The Global In Reedville Virginia, Smashes Expectations.


The poster boat and her family

I am still kinda in a twirl. It’s kinda like not going to your own party, at your own house? A very strange head space, and yet, worked out in such wonderful ways. The Reedville Show at Global HQ and the Museum, and for that matter the entire town, could not have gone any better. Lots and lots of people, sunshine, cool breeze and some of the areas best boats. All still doing what they do best, working and playing. For me, it was sleeping, and staying away from people. But I was able to capture some pics. Enjoy.  I get to make up my own captions! Wooohooo!

As a reference, we are in Virginia.

Getting ready at HQ just another day in paradise

I cleaned up the railway for the reception.

All cleaned up

The plainer buffet table. How thin would you like that roast beef mamm?

Full moon at the party

Mr B came over and helped clean up..

The moon was right smack dab there

Tyfanny Yachts was there in true glory

This photo cracked me up this morning when I looked at the details. Thats Stinkys history! HA

Scarlet and WECATCHEM were docked together

LUNA brought her curvy aft

I love this area. An entire community of passionate boat lovers

Glenna Faye and the FD Crocket

HQ Loaded up

The Museum later in the day. The crowds thinned out nicely

Textures of history

WECATCHEM doing her thing..alone

Working my inner Lapkin

Its the ELVA C’s 100th B Day

The Volunteers did an amazing job

Lots of cool displays. Mr Zelman brought his stuff

Get out the cameras

Why we do all this. For them..Okay and ourselves.. Okay, its really all ourselves and we use the little ones as justification..

On the phone

More Lapkin rip off shot

All sorts of shapes and sizes

Reading Stinkys Unbelievable history.

Gone fishn

Smiles.. I love smiles

Cruisers Inc

George holding court. Or getting yelled at, or being asked to fix something, or????

60 ft of pure heaven. The F.D. Crocket fully restored and saved. John England is the man

The Elva C gave tours.. Lots and lots and lots of tours

The F.D. Crocket

A huge thanks to all the volunteers who made the show happen, and a standing ovation to Wayne Bomb who took over as the host of the Railway while I was being isolated. UGH.. This is just sareal.. Cerial? Wait.. I need to go eat..

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Really sorry you missed being an intimate part of a great day with so many wonderful boats. Reedville definitely did good. How about the story on that beautiful Tiffany Yachts cruiser.
    That restored Willis Overland brought a smile to my face. I learned to drive in one that my Grandpa had!
    Great photos. They really capture the event.

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    The Tiffany cruiser is The owner of Tiffany Yachts personal yacht, and is used alot. Randy is an amazing guy and could make a rock laugh. I will get an up close of it. Funny, I have known about all their boats for years, decades, and yet? My bad!

  3. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    I would’ve rather been in Reedville than the International yesterday. Amazing. But I was at the BSLOL’s Real Runabouts show at Lake Minnetonka yesterday, which was also amazing. Report to come.

  4. Frank@Falmouth
    Frank@Falmouth says:

    Was a great show and day at Reedville… The Railway is truly amazing to experience in person…to use Matts phrase…”PERFECT!” .. from the neatly arranged paint cans to the thoughtfully arranged vintage tools and boat parts…. it is a step back in time… what i really enjoyed was listening to the comments from people as they walked around… Matt should be proud (and Im sure is) of this niche of boating history he has preserved, but more importantly, freely shares with the public. You must make a pilgrimage to this place someday, but be forewarned, the amount of envy you’ll experience will be through the roof!

  5. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    Looks like a good time. Sorry you had to see it from afar. Great shots. Did I see a finger in one of those pictures?

  6. Floyd r turbo
    Floyd r turbo says:

    The shop is just too sanitary. I’m gonna stop by and just throw some pixie dust around. For us novices are the Elva C and Crockett Oyster dredgers, buy boats, or ?? Great looking show for dock shots (had to slip that in as I’ve heard so many critical of that – the rest of us don’t have the access Larkin and Kent have).

      CLIF AMES says:

      Yes the F D Crockett is from the Deltaville Maritime Museum. John England is the master. It is a nine log canoe.

  7. Ed
    Ed says:

    Matt: You’ve hit it out of the park with Woody Boater Global in Reedville. Wow!! What a space and what a commitment. I looked in that building last year before you got your hands in it and now…you are a credit to wooden boat enthusiasts (very ill people, indeed) everywhere. Look forward to more time in the shop with you. The festival was a hit thanks to you, the Fishermen’s Museum, and all the volunteers who made it happen. I’ve posted a photo of Trick or Treat that was on display over the weekend. A classic wooden cat boat from the mind of artist Michael Keane that I acquired last year. I know you meant to include it in the festival’s lineup 🙂 See you soon.

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