The Odyssey – Butchered by Woody Boater


Yip Yap’s Engine cover 2019

Tell me, o Yip muse, of that ingenious hero who travelled far and wide after he had sacked the famous town of Troy. Not thy Troy of many pervy photos. Many cities did he visit, and many were the nations with whose manners and customs he was acquainted; moreover he suffered much by sea, lakes, and marinas, while trying to save his own life and bring his owners safely home.

Yip Yap out enjoying a small lake near Holland Michigan

There, I have done it. Reached the pinnacle of butchering the English language, now Greek Poetry. Yip Yup! Carnage of history, language, and culture of the world is in my wake of my spewness of words.

Mike putting Yip Yap in for a drink of fresh water

Today I tell thee of Yip Yaps journey. Oh and what an adventure he has had. Yes, Yip Yap is a boy. All boy. And now.. A MAN!

The day – we have a ton more photos.. In a box, in the barn! One day!

This all started as most things do in my life. Ebay, back in and around 2003 I think. I found this wonderful Whirlwind on ebay for 1500 bucks, and like an idiot bought it before realizing it was in Buffalo. I thought, mmm well, what the hell? I asked my pal Dan Dan The Mechanic man if he could help in the transport, and yanked my son out of school for an adventure. The plan. ROAD TRIP up hit Buffalo by noon, Grab a bucket of wings and the boat and race home. And that is exactly what we did. Flat bead and all. Oh and a camera. Pre cell phone stuff.

They got over it fast! Real fast – pre letter, post engine failure

When we got there, somehow.. HANK.. the camera broke. He felt horrible and still to this day feels the emotional scares.. HA.

Mouth of the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay – at high speed you could feel the water ripple under your feet.

Well. A little forward. my two sons loved it and Hank took her out with his buddies on our small creek. We got her original 25hp running great and she delivered joy..ish. Yip was a perfect time capsule.

Ruby as a puppy and Zipper!

How did Yip Yap get his name? We had a wonderful dog named ZIPPER, And his shorter name was Zip.. Come on Zip.. Which also morfed into Yip, and so YIP, and YAPPING was born. This is Yips background.


So where oh were did Yip Yap go on his 15 ish year journey? We sold Yip Yap to a wonderful couple BILL AND LINDA in ILLINOIS, but was used on Barron Lake in Michigan, and met half way for the sale, they owned her and loved her deeply. She took the happy family on many adventures and was kept as original as she was the day we found her in Buffalo.


Mama mia

She was then in a horrible Marina Accident. She was blown off her trailer and took a beating. Finger pointing ensued and the Yip was saved by the owners.


Yip was then given to a friend of the family as a tender for a sail boat on a small lake. That owner had no idea what he had, and was shocked about water in the boat. And had the bottom epoxy coated? Not sure who gave that dumb advise, but oh well, and so her hull was painted white. The family that got Yip from Me and my son took the boat back. But Yip wasn’t the same for them. The Yip had lost his charm.

Mike and Nanci! True healers

So the Yip was sold again to a couple in Michigan, and lived a short life on a small lake with a wonderful couple, Mike and Nanci. Who are Adult Foster Care professionals. And thats what Yip needed. Yip Yap has always had much love and care, but given the freedom to have adventures.

The text from Bill – Isnt this your old boat?

Last week I got a text from LOOOOOOOOONG TIME fellow Woody Boater and pal Bill Basler,


Mike and Tom in Holland last week! INSANE STILL

Why yes it is. Thats the Yapper! Dam, the odds of this are astounding. Facebook Market only shows with in 500 miles and Holland Michigan is way out of my Zone. So unless someone like Bill knew, I would have never known. I made the deal right on the spot. DONE, and the rest is Woody Boater history now with the famous Daisy Chain gang!

Thanks to Mike, Nanci, Bob, Linda, Tom, Steve, Bob H, Bill Bassler, and all that is good in this crazy world. At so many points in Yips life, he could have been left alone, not cared for or changed into a mess. Yet, each one of his caretakers has done the right thing, after all we never own a Woody boat, we just take responsibility for them, so they can live on and bring joy to humanity. Oh brother, I am about to tear up! THANKS YIP YAP, for starting 2021 with some goodness!

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  1. Frank@Falmouth
    Frank@Falmouth says:

    OUCH is right! But it looks like it was repaired nicely and what is life without a few scars to show? …. once the trauma has passed! And that the graphics were preserved is priceless! Wouldnt have been the same if it had been totally refinished! THESE are the stories and tales that I enjoy and hilights how objects like cars and boats can be so much more to our lives. Im sure just looking at the boat brings back great past memories for all in your family. Guarantee you wont let that boat ever get away again!

  2. Jeffrey Martinson
    Jeffrey Martinson says:

    Great story, Homer! Really – you put a lot of effort into that telling, and it shows. So glad you share your adventures with us!

    • Jerome
      Jerome says:

      I have been part of the wooden boat experience for many years. I have come to realize that owning a wooden boat & joining a chapter is only the beginning of the journey. Meeting great people making friends & having all the experiences that come with it complete the package. Thanks for the Yip Yap story Matt !

  3. Art
    Art says:

    Yes great story Matt. It turns out that we might have a slight connection to YipYap. Actually it is my wife, Janie, that has the connection……sort of. She grew up in Niles MI which is very near Barron lake and she used to go there as a kid.
    I know it is a stretch, but what the hell.

    • Kentucky Wonder
      Kentucky Wonder says:

      My dad also grew up around Barron Lake, where his grandfather had fishing boat rental business. My uncle lives two miles from there right now. It’s a small world, after all!

  4. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    Very happy Yip Yap is back home! She’s had an iteresting life, and thanks to Bill Basler and many others, she is home. Will her next adventure be a trip to Berlin?

  5. Howard Lehman
    Howard Lehman says:

    I agree, great story. I too have wondered about Bill Basler and how he is doing. I was pleased that he provided an important clue for you to be able to return Yip Yap to your family. The molded plywood boats like Whirlwind, Dunphy, Carver, Wagemaker etc. are very interesting boats. I have owned several and have a Carver in line to restore soon. Thanks for your great work.

  6. Berlin Büro
    Berlin Büro says:

    Hot damn. I had the picture of Zipper ready to share and all. Man, that roadtrip was quite the day: didn’t have to go to school, got buffalo wings, learned new curse words, broke emerging technology! Amazing. This is all so surreal. I still cannot get over seeing it again in one piece.

    Yip Yap toothpicks or pile of smoldering ash was what I assumed happened to it. Bill, thanks for the sharp eye! I cannot thank you enough.

  7. Bill Basler
    Bill Basler says:

    All, I am alive and well. I lurk on WoodyBoater daily, and I talk with Matt every so often when both of us need a break from our agency lives. I am still quite active with old boats, currently working on the rehab of a 1970 13′ Whaler. My Gar Wood project is plodding along after taking a 5 year time out for rehabbing myself after a bad accident. I remember all of you like we talked yesterday. My role in finding YipYap was not so important really. I saw an ad and I texted it to Matt! The rest is his own doing. I am happy that she is home and will be waiting for Hank the Tank to come visit. You can reach me anytime at

  8. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    And that’s just the history you know of from when you got her. Be interesting to know about the years before in Buffalo. Congrats on getting her back. So I guess that busted up motor cover was when she got flipped over in the wind (or whatever). I initially thought that might have happened when you just got it. Not easy to find a replacement cover, I would imagine.

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