The Old Boats Home Becomes #1 Of The Year In One Week


Timeless photos to pass the time while you read my proaganda

Thanks so much for all the support and signing up to The Old boats Home.  Clearly there is a need for a place to ask each other questions about how to work and enjoy our boats. Hopefully those of you that have used it have been happy with the results. And today we thought we would share some of the activity. Honestly I am shocked. But hey! It is what it is.


In the past week, we have gained about 160 new members, and traffic is brisk, not a lot of questions, which is fine, and the average speed of an answer is around 15 minutes give or take on the subject.  We have had around 13,000 page views, and folks seem to be getting good advice, with no crap! Yet. It’s the internet, so have faith. The good news is we are monitoring it with a heavy fist to protect us all from the Facebook crazy ness.

Gar Wood Custom Utility

The biggest news is that The Old Boats Home has become the most clicked on link from Woody Boater of an entire year. Yes, from 2023-2024 IN ONE WEEK.  Crazy! So, if you have not signed up. Do it, we need you and your experience to help. We got your back, we have the crazy filter set to high.

Detail of the transom of Time Machine, a 1967 Chris Craft Super Sport, owned by Mary Ann Ohnheiser of Sadieville, KY. The boat won Best Classic Chris Craft at 2012 Nationals in Branson, MO. Photo from the 2013 ACBS Bluegrass Chapter Show at Lake Cumberland, KY September 26-28, 2013.

So what does the future look like at the home? Stay Tuned in. Turned on, and Drop By!  Thanks Timothy for the idea!  Below are some fun headers to pass the time

The first header over 16 years ago

Just Click on her and she will take you there.

7 replies
  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    It’s been fun checking in a couple times a day to see what’s been added. The new Paragon clutch plates are back in the transmission and it will be going back in Tiger Lily next week. Definitely a nice addition to WoodyBoater!

  2. Mike D
    Mike D says:

    Is there some reason why you do not just use our login info to this site for the Old Boats Home login?

  3. Andrew Flynn
    Andrew Flynn says:

    In the future, will there be the creation of guides? This would be a rollup of discussion threads on particular topics. Or maybe a wiki? Where everyone can contribute to a topic until it becomes the “definitive Woody Boater guide to [topic]”.

  4. tom
    tom says:

    Honestly, Matt I don’t know why you would be so surprised at the activity your getting. For me a forum is far more interesting than the comments made on any given subject, boating or otherwise. It’s surprising that the comments section didn’t evolve into something of a forum itself. Although I can remember asking questions in the past (just general, out of curiosity) that rarely got a reply. I think it will continue to grow.

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