The Paper Wake Of A Chris Craft Triple Ride Boat

First you need to get the boat insured for transport

Hold on, I have been waiting on the mail man to deliver the mail. Yes the Milk man is waiting on the Mail man. And so you are waiting. Thankfully The Wallace man knows how to text.. Thanks man.. Anyway, jokes are now out of the way. We have a wonderful paper trail… Wake, from the purchase and sale and service of the 1941 23 Barrel Chris Craft Triple sold as a ride boat thanks to Greg and his amazing collection of paperness. Enjoy!


Letter to The Dept of Comerce

So what is this Triple. Well,  1941 23 barrel triple delivered May 2, to Detroit/gGross Pointe 1941.Hull no. 22217. Mrs Burns… So this is what is interesting. It was one of the last triples sold before war production. And at some point during the war, Mr Burns passed away. War? Old? But, clearly the Schuler marine folks needed a triple near the end of the war. now think. COVID supply chain stuff. NO boats were being made, so how do you find a boat? Well clearly Mrs Burns had some sort of relationship with Chris Craft. Who gets a triple at the end of production, lives in Gross Pointe, and so on, So this was a I know someone kinda deal.

So the boat was sold to a Mr HenryBlum from Schuler, and The Registration numbers on it were no longer needed. Note post mark date

And there she is in a wonderful 1945 Image of the Russels Point Boat docks. This was a very busy area across from the Amusement park. How cool would this be today. I can smell the French Fries and fun.

The following are fun repair and service bills to Mr Blum, Not in any order, sorry, Mr B is attacking the Mail man again.

Service Feb 1950

Someone needed a new engine in 1954

“Someone” hit one of those stumps..

And again

Went to landing and worked on the engine


Insurance Claim

Trade in in 1961

Now for those of you out there wanting to know where possibly one of the three known Ride boats, the  last known to be surviving on lake Rabun GA. Name 23 Skidoo. If we have any readers from that area that may know more of 23 Skidoo. This could be a wonderful moment of giving that owner some history of their boat.

We did find this great photo from a cool site on all thats going on, Lake Rabun

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  1. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    Cool paper trail! In that Indian Lake Boat Landing picture, that bench on the right looks very similar to one that I restored for my wife. Cast masonry with wood boards, been in her family for over 100 years. Was made here in Rochester, NY by a precast concrete company when they decided to branch out into outdoor furniture.

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I know these were different times (before I was even born) but really?!?!

    1950 – “Went to landing and fixed” $2.50 Really?
    1951 – “Hoist and Repair” $3.75
    1956 – “Hoist and Repair” $15.00 ($10.50 prop repair, must have hit hard)

  3. Greg in Ohio
    Greg in Ohio says:

    Matt, I think you may have stumbled upon a current photo of the boat we are discussing today!! I have a notation in my files indicating the 23 was restored with a (non original) red leather interior. The one in your posted photo sure looks to be sporting a red interior,

  4. Mark in Ohio ( today in Florida)
    Mark in Ohio ( today in Florida) says:

    Another cool story. I kept looking for my Mom and Dad in that dock shot. That is about the time they used to go to Indian Lake. One question, Is the last picture the same 23 triple that was bought from the Burns?

    • Mark again
      Mark again says:

      You slipped that in on me Greg You answered my question before I asked. Lets hope that is the same one. Now all I have to do is find a young Bob and Alice in the dock shot.

  5. Jim g
    Jim g says:

    I saw that boat on Lake Rabun in the early 90’s.

    If anyone wants to look it up in the ACBS directory. Lake Rabun is in Lakemont, Ga.

  6. Brian Robinson
    Brian Robinson says:

    22217 is currently on Lake Rabun. Name when it left the factory was Snookie (missed opportunity, Matt?)

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