The Perfect Christmas Gift For That Classic Boat Wall You Are Allowed.


The cover is frame worthy alone - but wait there is more..12 months of glorious classic boat love

Need to give a Christmas gift idea to someone? Come on, you know you do.. If you have a classic boat, you clearly have everything . I guarantee you are hell to buy for.. SO.. Here ya go, you don’t have one of these. That’s right, because your 2011 one is soon to be deader than a Rivera in Jim Staibs barn.. AND, it’s affordable and each month you get to go Woody Boating on Lake Hopatcong.. With the Hopatcongingnites.. You can click here, and I am sure fellow Woody Boater Bob”have I got a Calendar for you” Kays will ship it out chop chop..

Just a taste of the fun inside

Now this is what its all about.. The hat, coat, classc boat and bombshell.. What more is there? No really, what more.... OK, maybe if they had a pizza cooking on the engine cover.. OK and cold frosty in a cooler.. But thats it..

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I believe Jim burned a well gone Riviera. They are a relatively common boat, unlike the super rare Geraldo signature series Rivera model that Chris Craft never even listed in any of their lit. One of those is way to precious to burn in any condition.

    • matt
      matt says:

      Thats a great question. Starting in January-ish we will be devoting the left colum to clubs and orgs.. It will be tough to edit, but we are working on some stuff right now to set up something that helps everyone in a small way. As to why this claendar. Bob is a huge contributer to Woody Boater and we support our supporters..

  2. anonymous
    anonymous says:

    Want to raise $$ to save CCABC? Have Bill put the Brass Bell issues we never saw on ebay then put a link on the left to the listing.

  3. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Once the LINKS section of Woody Boater is no longer shown for all to see on the front cover, except for a tiny button saying “Links”, he’ll no doubt add the HMWH of Lower Slobovia link to the site.

    • matt
      matt says:

      HA, the link thing ticks me off. I like all the links on the site and feel that they are a help to any new folks comeing to the hobby for the first time. But google dings us for this. UGH..

      • Al Benton
        Al Benton says:

        Matt, go ahead and make it a big LINKS button. Didn’t mean to belittle the purpose, understand Google ratings and one must keep progressing to meet their standards. That space will still be used to benefit newcomers to the hobby (Lifestyle) by adding great information on the front page in its place. Many of us will still look at the LINKS page and use them regularly.

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Alex – Do they actually have a golf course on Hessel? If they do, we can play a round of golf this summer. I hope you like to gamble on the links…

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