The Perfect Gentleman's Racer on eBay?

There is something about this boat that stands out for me. Maybe its just that the images were shot over the summer? But from what I can see, the finish and details are done very well. There was very nice attention to use of different wood colors as well. It just looks like a ton of fun. I am always interested in the concept that these racers are reproductions. But the simple fact remains that most of the original racers were disposable. So it’s very common that the only real chance you may ever have to go out gentleman racing is in a reproduction.. And this one looks darn good. Not to mention the sellers name is Jimboperfect. So hell, it must be perfect…. Now Jimboperfect has a big fat 0 next to his name on eBay, so it’s up to you to go and make sure all is still perfect…I imagine that the trees and yard look a tad different as well in person this time of year. But still worth the trip… or at least the click.