Pumpkin’s Karma Just Keeps On Coming!

We just found this old photo of pumpkin, above water.

We just found this old photo of pumpkin, above water.

Over the last week we have been working on getting Pumpkin home and set up for the spring. We had been talking with Woody Gal ARRRRGS Cousin since the fall about this. But no one here thought this thing would turn into such an amazing story. Turns out Larry always wanted to fix up Pumpkin, but didn’t want dump a ton of money into a “user” Wasn’t crazy about the white hull either…. Dang!  So Larry…It’s gonna happen. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! That’s right, out of a strange coincidence in time, today, Friday December the 13th is Larry’s Birthday! So happy B day from Your family, your family here at Woody boater, Katz’s Marina and Van Ness Engineering. I am sure as things keep going this story is going to get even more wonderful. Thanks to all for showing Larry that regardless of were he is, his spirit very much here today!

Larry and Woody gal in Mt Dora several years ago at Woodystock! Larry is the one on the right.

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  1. Troy
    Troy says:

    I never got to meet Larry, ARRRRG, or whatever you want to call him, but this story makes me soooo glad that I found you all!

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    This is what the “lifestyle” is all about, and I am proud to be part of it. Is that an XK or Lancer in the header, and what’s the story behind that one?

  3. Texx
    Texx says:

    Yes – Larry was a great guy, always had a smile on his face and always a nice thing to say (in a humorous way).

  4. tommyholm
    tommyholm says:


    The Century Boat Club magazine is in your mail box. If not, copies are available from Century Boat Club, PO Box 761, Manistee, MI 49660.

    Ask for the Woody Boater 25% discount. Send only $30.

    Stallions only, no ponies.

    • MikeM
      MikeM says:

      This isn’t about fiberglass. It’s about one of the good guys in this hobby and his legacy. Deal with it.

      • Paul H.
        Paul H. says:

        It is about classic boating, the boaters, the boats and the stories of and about both. Although Rusnak may not choose to acknowledge this fact, classic boating – on Matt Smith’s site and almost everywhere else, includes boats constructed of materials other than wood. The world of “classic” boating did not end with the volume production of wooden boats in the ’60’s. A whole other generation was just getting started and most of us here, and people like Larry and his cousin Susan Miller know and appreciate this.

        • Troy
          Troy says:

          Thanks for commenting on this post guys!
          The first time I read it it pissed me off so much I could not comment or it would have had to be removed.
          As far as I am concerned Matt (and Texx) can post anything they want for as long as they want.
          How about a week about orange Suburbans?

    • Alex
      Alex says:

      Hi John. I happen to own one of each of today’s boats. An XK-19 like Larry’s in today’s header photo, and an XK-18 like Pumpkin.

      Both boats are true classics in every sense. They’re 40+ years old, stylish, representative of their era, collectible, and joys to drive.

      I know some define classic boats as wood-only. I think they are missing out. And some would prefer WoodyBoater to be wood-only or at least restrictive of Classic Glass to a token degree. I think it would be a loss to the hobby.

      There’s plenty of room for boats of all vintages, all materials, all designs, all types, and all sizes in classic boating. Every one of us is so fortunate for that diversity.

      It is also so critical for this hobby to embrace boats that newer generations grew up with. Otherwise, we would almost certainly become stale. Can you imagine a hobby surviving which did not evolve with the times in order to remain relevant?

      Power to the plastic!

    • Mike W
      Mike W says:

      Seems to be a bit insensitive to the primary reason behind the stories but I would assume that was overlooked.

      True classic glass is not given enough credit beyond the specific glass sites and many, including those on this site, respect the place they hold in the boating heritage. We all need to keep in mind that the Chris Craft Commander line was born 50 years ago when it was shown at the NY Boat Show in 1964. The Commander line was then refined and taken to new heights by Dick Avery and they still turn heads today. True classics from 19 to 60′. Another thing to consider is that time changes what is considered classics. One would not consider 1986 to be that long ago. But 50 years prior to that was 1936. That does seen old. The point is that material does not make a classic. The design and owner of the boat do. Mike

  5. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Those of us who knew (or knew of) ARRRGH! (Larry) and his love of Woody Boater, and its vastly extended family, appreciate these last three days. Larry’s smile was, and still is, very contagious.

    Thanks for the memories, ARRRGH!

  6. Alex
    Alex says:

    Happy Birthday Larry! I know you live on through your family and friends and your career achievement. How nice you also get to live on through your cool boats.

  7. John Rusnak
    John Rusnak says:

    I’ve got a 57 Larson thunder hawk too .. I don’t talk about that here… sorry thought this was woody boat heaven. How did u guys get a pick of me in my Santa getup 🙂 I cannot even get a pic to load

  8. John Rusnak
    John Rusnak says:

    It is the pompous attitude ….. if My Assumption is right you’re baby boomer generation that keeps us younger folks 30 years or younger away from this hobby you guys are all So shallow that’s why we want nothing to do with you your rich Man’s boating attitude you’re all pathetic !!! I’ve been a member of the Minnesota Street right association since I was 14 years old I know classics are made with blood sweat n tears and all sorts of materials. I hot built a 1947 international kb3 hot rod with my dad before I even had a drivers license! My father owns a 08 Stanley Steamer a 1932 Hope mobile with 38 yards of mohair in the Interior how many guys know what mohair is ???? Boat guys are pricks … I think I should burn mine after reading all of your rich shallow posts!!!! As for my tongue it’s sticking out at u at u Mike D … Personal attack pls remove me 🙂 ill go back to hot rods the younger crowd is embraced there !!!!

    • MikeM
      MikeM says:

      John, I appreciate your angle on this and was pleased to see your reply. I think you have this wrong, though. You were the one who said enough of the fiberglass. I (we) defended the stories because A) they weren’t really about a fiberglass boat and B) several of us own classic glass and we like them and see their role in the hobby.

      Having said that, I would agree that the “hobby” has been tagged as that of a rich man and people in the hobby are working hard to change that. The hobby really has a great cross section of people. I take phone calls all the time helping “regular” people restore there boats. While I’m fortunate to work for wealthy people as well, they don’t dominate the lifestyle.

      Lastly, Woodyboater is a refuge from all the stuffed shirts and people who can’t take a joke. It’s not for everyone but Matt and Texx work their butts off trying to provide relevant content for us to read and enjoy. If it’s not for you than I trust you can figure out how to remedy that.

  9. John Rusnak
    John Rusnak says:

    Sorry for the typos im a little pissed off and I’m plowing snow ……us young guys have to work for a living you know

  10. Alex
    Alex says:

    Hi John. Your shockingly vitriolic comments are truly misguided. Though I vote to keep them here. Even new lows are part of the WoodyBoater history.

    I know many of the people who post on this community. They are a fine group — a virtual family of sorts. I am fortunate to interact with them almost daily, and am even more fortunate to call some of them friends.

    I feel truly sorry for all the bitterness you carry. It seems so far removed from the joys, fun and frivolity, passion, cordiality, goodwill, and other positive energies that permeate our hobby.

  11. Tommyholm
    Tommyholm says:

    All right a pure rant and rave. No need to drink any strong coffee this morning. This site should only be brown wood, no paint,only boats that float, wheel on starboard only, with stinking gasoline engines driven by old men that need the blue pill to find north, and live in the USA and vote and have a gun and can multiply ( except p Andrew & swedes) and can varnish with no dust. Otherwise, you have to move to Minnesota and live next door to you know who.

    • John Rusnak
      John Rusnak says:

      Amen … The MSRA puts on a streed rod show every year you might have heard of it ( back to the fifties weekend ) they fill the entire Minnesota state fairgrounds with tens of thousands of cars … Right on the entry fourm it says NO MUSTAINGS … So there is a god! as for my two vintage boats they will now b hot rod boats … Just outta spite I think I’m gonna do a RAT ROD approach on my untouched 1963 Penn/Yan Allseas! as for the fiberglass Larson I simply figured this was a varnish n wood site or should i b posting stuff about my 76 454 Vett? Over n out if your on Bone lake Wis pls don’t check me out you guys are like hagerty some “elete family “

      • Mike D
        Mike D says:

        Wow, John I was on your side. I thought the comments to your original post were a little strong. I was going to make a joke about all the fiberglass talk but figured it might be misinterpreted so I let it go. I thought by mentioning ” tongue in cheek” I could defuse any angst. Sorry it was misinterpreted. Matt how about making emotocons manditory for any comments to help avoid confusion. Like a smily boater face if you are making a pirate joke about Garrrr Woods?
        Mike D

  12. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    Well, rule number one when you find yourself in a hole and want out is to stop digging. Rusnak just digs the hole of misconception even deeper, I guess. What is “old” if you’re Rusnak, anyway? Forty, fifty, 60+? Perhaps it is 49, which I turned yesterday. I guess that particular judgement is sort of a perception thing, right John? Kind a like boats, cars and whatever else. The rich guy shtick is a joke. We have a non-judged “fun show”where I live. We give a couple of simple awards and one was best non-wood. The winner this year was a boat bought 10 days earlier for $500, and which had a further $2000 “lavished” upon it. Guess who the awards committee was – myself and a couple of even older boat guys – notice I said boat guys, not “wood” boat guys. Know what, John? A rich guy bought that boat and did it too counter the point you are so wrong about. It is not about money. Across the broad spectrum of this hobby, it ain’t about money and anyone who clings to the notion that it is does not get this site, or 95% of the hobby. Rusnak, you like your Rat Rods and such -but does the fact that certain wealthy car hobby folks like to go to Pebble Beach sour your attitude to the entire car hobby? We have some folks in our hobby with beautifully restored museum pieces, and more power to them as well, and to the guy trying to restore a little fiberglass boat in his garage. Your lack of logic and insight is almost as incredible as your inept and inaccurate generalizations about people who you have never met and obviously know nothing about. This is Matt Smith’s site – it ain’t my site. Why don’t you e-mail him and tell him why you think he should not post about glass boats on his own site, which you have accessed for free? While you’re at it, ask him to stop. Good luck with that……. and please, once you have done that, start a Rat Rod Penn Yan site – I happen to think that is a cool idea. If you had bothered to ask, you would have learned that.

    • Alex
      Alex says:

      A belated happy birthday Paul. I assume you celebrated with some fine ripple.

      49 eh? That’s only one number shy of 50 which, coincidentally, is the most popular Ultramarathon distance (miles, not kilometers). Set your sights high and start training. Aim for 50 at 50.

  13. Tuobanur
    Tuobanur says:

    All I can say is WOW!!
    As for the rich guys, I probably have less than $10,000.00 out of pocket but I loss count after about 4,000 hours of my time. I have built hot rods and now a boat and it’s all just a hobby for me, I like em all!! and I love this blog, keep up the good work Matt.

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