The Sorensen Swirl, Oh It’s Real.


The Sorensen’s Of Lake Wachachachacha

Today we get to know the Sorensen’s and that time they went out boating, and caused quite the stir on the lake. So, it turns out the Sorensen’s were known for being rather energetic up in the midwest, and were always doing crazy things, but this year, Ivan got a new Chris Craft, and they all went out for a ride. Now, Ivan loved to go fast, and this is where the stir situation comes up. Ivan, Olof, Hans, Irma, and Martha all went boating. Yes, Martha was Irma’s friend, Martha is from the Jones family and was a rather entertained and excited to be with the Sorensen’s and had a secret crush on hans, who was clearly the cool one, Anyway, they went out and did what they do every Sunday, they circled the lake. But this time they went so fast, and were having so much fun, little did they realize that they were litterelly generating a whirlpool. They of course did not realize what was happening, and all the neighbor’s came out to see this happen, they had never seen a boat go this fast, and Lake Wachachachacha was a smaller lake, and well, it was early, and everyone went out with there cups of coffee and watched the Sornsens do there thing.

You see that Pearl? The Sorensen’s are just twirling away.

And then it happened.. A very load flushing sound could be heard from all around the lake. FLUSH! Yes, FAAAAAAARUMP! And all of a sudden the lake was empty. Poof. The water was drained and all came back in and was clean as a whistle. What? Where? All the locals just sat there baffled and shocked, and the rest is Lake Wachachacha folk lore, and the reason every morning the folks of the lake go out with there cup of coffee and sit and then go inside for a good Sorensen.  No Ship! And all this from one simple photo.

The Sorenen’s and Martha right before…

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Matt, you have reached a whole new level in creative storytelling. Take a deep breath, you’re gonna be Ok!

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    Matt has been working very hard on the boatyard and who know how much lead he’s inhaled from all the bottom painting done there over the years.

  3. Greg in Ohio
    Greg in Ohio says:

    The 20 custom not bad either. (48 or 49). Neat photos and entertaining story, Matt.
    Any “real” background info?

      • Greg in Ohio
        Greg in Ohio says:

        Upon closer inspection, Troy, I bow to your observation. Dual horns indicate 23…and I thought I could see the third set of step pads. Zooming in, however, I see that the fore deck detail at fairleader clearly suggests it is a 19 with twin horns installed instead of standard single. “I am not worthy”.

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