The Ultimate Party Craft.


Lading craft? or Woody Boater party barge?

We all know that we secretly want a pontoon boat. The lazy Boy of boats. Ya know you do.. But you also know that zipping around in a mini van on the water is very tough on your man hood.. Ya ya,, keep your I  love my pontoon boat coments to your selves for a second.. I through out this idea here on Memorial day Weekend. A cool landing craft! Think.. Its cool. Ya can build up a deck in it. Folks have been converting them to nice boats. Ya .. But I am talking navy gray.. The whole deal.. And you can arive on someones beach, plop down the bow and turn up the Jimmy Buffet. Just think’n here.. Flip your helmet over.. makes a nice punch bowl…. Laugh, be horrified… It is a cool way to keep the history of those cool Landing crafts alive..

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  1. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    matt – I have a 27′ Harris Kayot pontoon and it has been the setting for a tremendous amount of fun in the 8 years and 500 hours that I have had it. With a 225 Merc outboard it will move if required, and it is amost indestructible. Many of the pontoon boats are wimpy, ponderous and slow moving but some of them can be a bunch of fun. There is little disputing the fact that they can be the waterborne equivalent of the one type of vehicle I vowed to never, under any circumstance own but they do have a definite utility about them. they are hard to beat for a party out on the water, though a landing craft might do it!

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