The Ultimate Statement In Good 1987 Taste?

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1987 42ft Bragington Yacht on ebay

Here it is! The 80’s in woody boat style. The listing says it’s “the ultimate statement in good taste”. But here is the question. Styles and taste change, is the late 80’s cool yet? It may still be in the “what the hell were they thinking ” stage of design. The 70s are cool now, and possibly the early 80’s. But this is late 80’s and honestly… mmmm… kinda strange. But cool. Will it be cooler in a couple years? That’s the gamble here.

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looks great in the Marina

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Very nice late 80’s design

And at $150K a steep gamble. But you couldnt in a million years buy a new one like this now for that. Sure there are things from that period that are cool, really cool. OK wait, I looked for a reference, and ouch! OK, maybe the BMW 850, but OUCH. The point is, some things are iconic because they are true to themselves. Is this boat being true to itself, or trying to paste on a que from the past to make it cool? Is it any different than what Chris Craft is doing today with wood decks and details? Regardless of the debate, I bet if you saw this thing in person it would suck you in. The design is very well done and done as subtlety as any 80’s design could be done.

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It was cool enough back then to be on the cover

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This was a high dollar boat at the time and would be in the millions today!


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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I have to admit that it is pretty cool, but when I click the E-Bay link I find a CC/Thompson Sea Skiff for $4,500.00

    Your messing with me!

    • Dave Nau
      Dave Nau says:

      I agree wood over fiberglass is cool. I kinda like the current Chris-Craft models with wood trim over the fiberglass.

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      I was thinking the same thing Al, but a little tight to live aboard for long periods of time. Would be great if you were trying to do a Great Loop speed record.

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Now that I have read the whole listing “WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE?”

    Cat 3208 Diesel power, carbon fiber props, hydraulic swim platform, SS ladder into the engine room, leather interior, and even a hot tub on the aft deck, are you kidding.

    Wow, even the mermaids holding the sea shell is cool!

  3. Nautilus
    Nautilus says:

    The opening bid of $125K is considerably less than a lot of new ski boats…with a single gas V8. This is one of the biggest bangs for the buck I’ve seen in a long time.

    • Old Salt
      Old Salt says:

      If you had this boat you wouldn’t be on the cross Bronx. you would take the east river to the Hudson River!!!

  4. Kentucky Wonder
    Kentucky Wonder says:

    My Dad used to have a vehicle like this – a 1988 Buick station wagon with “wood” wallpaper pasted to the sides. Floated very nicely down the highway, and could sleep four if necessary.

  5. dennis
    dennis says:

    Nothing to do with this post… But I love the header picture, it needs to be made into a poster

    • Kevin F
      Kevin F says:

      I think I still have that magazine with the boat on the cover. I thought back then I would own that boat some day; I have not seen one until now. It is incredible, the best of four worlds; woody class, strong fiberglass hull with ease of maintenance, speed, and overnight accommodations. I think the lines are wonderful, not perfect, but plenty good. I wonder how fast she is?

      As an adult with lots of friends, the only complaint now would be the lack of seating and entertaining space, typical of “go fast” boats. But, with a boat like that, maybe I would want some privacy with that certain special woman; or two.

      At that price it is a HUGE bargain if all the bits are still together. A Windsor Craft, similar concept with wood and glass/epoxy hull, is $125k for 30 ft that is not even close to this boat.

      With slightly different circumstances, she would be heading to Annapolis

      • Kevin F
        Kevin F says:

        The boat started out at $275,000, then listed on Yacht World for $199k. The boat came from Seattle and is now in Indiana.

        I wonder what maintenance has to be done on the encapsulated wood?

  6. Fairbreezes
    Fairbreezes says:

    Outstanding Header. You nailed it as it brought an instant smile to my face. Thank you for brightening the day!

  7. Randy
    Randy says:

    I remember seeing this boat around Seattle/San Juan Islands when it was new. Very impressive at that time, but a LOT of mahogany to maintain!!!!!!

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